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Ace's Wild
Series 01, Episode 13
Air Date Sep 19, 2002 on BBC
Previous Nobody's Hero
Next The Field Trip

Ace's Wild is the thirteenth episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Sep 19, 2002 on BBC.


Zip and Snip bite Ace and their poison turns him into an obedient zombie. Although contemptuous of Mark before, Sparx has no one else to turn to for help now and gets him to help again. Ace and Lord Fear attack them, but just as Ace is about to fry Mark, his computer releases a cure for Ace, who helps Sparx chase Lord Fear away


  • There are 39 episodes of the Ace Lightning TV show. 26 in the 1st sesson, and only 13 in the 2nd season. To balance out the number of episodes, some fans are calling episodes 1 to 13 of Ace Lightning, "Series 1". They have also claimed, that episode 14 to 26, are "Series 2", and episodes 27 to 39, are "Series 3".