Ace Lightning Wiki

Lightning Knight
Name Ace Lightning
Nicknames Ace (by The Lightning Knights), Superhero Scum (by Lord Fear), Lightning (by villains)
Species Humanoid
Affiliation The Lightning Knights
Gender Male
Age 32
Abilities Superhuman strength, flight, super speed, can fire lightning bolts, (and rings of fire, in season 2) from his wrist cannons.
Weaknesses Must recharge his powers when weak, unstable human emotions in second season.
Voice Actor Michael Riley

Ace Lightning is the main protagonist of the franchise. A superhero and one of the Lightning Knights from the Sixth Dimension, Ace was sent to apprehend Lord Fear and his gang of villains and send them to prison in the Sixth Dimension. His secondary mission was to retrieve the shattered fragments of the Amulet of Zoar from Lord Fear's hideout, the Carnival of Doom.

However, through a series of untold events, Ace, Lord Fear and his gang ended up traveling through the Datastream to a small town in the United States of America, called Conestoga Hills. There, Ace enlisted a thirteen year old boy from London called Mark Hollander as his sidekick, and together, along with other allies, battle Lord Fear to save the world.


Ace is a 32-year old man with a very muscular and well-built physique, likely contributing to his status as foremost of the Lightning Knights. He has a broad face with a very expressive brow. He has blue eyes, and blonde combed hair with two small strands hanging lose at the front. He wears a grey and black muscle suit with two yellow lightning bolt shapes on the abs; a waist-length, black leather jacket with a brown collar, blue stripes run down the sleeves, and dome-shaped silver shoulderpads with three yellow lines are placed on the shoulders of the jacket. On the back of the jacket is a picture of the Amulet of Zoar. A metal silver belt runs around his waist with a large buckle. On the left and right sides of the belt are two white and brown pockets. He wears light blue trousers which have dark blue pads running down them, and black boots with white and blue soles. He wears a pair of silver and white wrist cannons on his wrists. On his hands, Ace wears a pair of white rubber gloves.


The foremost of the Lightning Knights, Ace was sent to capture Lord Fear and his gang after they escaped from prison and stole the Amulet. In the following battle, the Amulet was shattered and opened a portal to Conestoga Hills, which the villains and then Ace traveled through. Ace waged his battle for justice against the villains with help from Mark Hollander, his reliable but troubled sidekick. Ace's fellow allies and Lightning Knights, Sparx and Random Virus were summoned to Earth to help fight the forces of evil. Ace later gained extra allies in the form of Mark's best friend, Chuck Mugel, and also former villain Lady Illusion.

Ace is mostly a stereotypical superhero - heroic, daring, witty but he has a strong sense of justice and knows when things must be taken seriously. Ace is also emotional, as seen throughout the first season, and then even more in the second when he recieves unstable emotions from Lady Illusion. With his new emotions, Ace goes through a series of different emotional experiences. He at first experiences uncontrolled anger that causes him to blast Random Virus when he is good, and nearly kill Chuck with a lightning bolt. He then showed a period of immense fear after facing Kilobyte for the first time, nearly giving up hope when he and Mark are captured by the villains. He regains his bravery and controls his emotions throughout the remainder of the show, also briefly experiencing distrust and gaining intuition. He cries a single tear in the last episode.


Ace possesses the standard powers one would expect of a superhero. Ace has the ability to jump and fly at the speed of electricity, capable of leaping great distances and heights and can fly even faster speeds. In The Trap Is Set, Ace flies at the speed of electricity to stop Dirty Rat from bombing Mark and his friends, the world around him slowing down as he travels.

His greatest ability is his superhuman strength. He demonstrates great strength, lifting the heavyweight Anvil and tossing him through the air, slamming his full weight on the ground and dropping him in a dumpster. Combining his strength and speed together allows him to baffle his enemies, spinning Pigface around at fast speed and flinging him into a wall. His strength doesn't seem to match that of Random Virus who has been able to easily pick up Ace and throw him away. Ace can also stop a moving vehicle and lift a car up with one hand.

Ace's trademark is his ability to discharge blasts of electricity from his hands, using his wrist cannons to fire these attacks. In the second season, Ace gets an upgrade called the Ring of Flame which allows him to fire several projectile attacks of flaming rings. Ace has various attacks when firing his wrist cannons. His standard attack is a blast of electricity, but he bends it into various forms like lightning spears, an electrical orb which can pursue a target, and he can even create electrical prison bars, trapping Dirty Rat in a carnival booth. Ace's strongest demonstrated attack is an ability to cover his own body in electricity and then vanish into a flash of lightning. Lord Fear seemed to be very cautious of this attack and fled. Ace's powers depend on a supply of absorbed energy and when it runs low, need to be restored by an electrical energy source, using a transformer in the Thunder Tower to achieve this, although it one episode he is struck by bolts of lightning which recharge his energy. Ace also absorbs electricity in order to heal himself if he's been injured by the villains.

Ace uses several pieces of weaponry to fight his enemies. The Lightning Lance is a hi-tech lance weapon which can fire electrical blasts. He also uses the Shield of Justice, which can absorb energy attacks and then fire them back at the attackers.


Ace didn't meet Rotgut until the final battle of the second series. Rotgut encountered Ace at the start of the fight, and he started attacking Ace with boot (with his lower leg inside it). Ace lost his temper with Rotgut, finding his attemps to kill him pathetic and annoying. He angerly commanded him to return to his grave, calling him a "Walking Dead Guy". Rotgut misunderstood Ace, beliving that he had called him "The Walking Dead". Overjoyed, Rotgut started prancing and leaping around. His celebration was interupted when Ace blasted him back to his tomb stone, via a lightning bolt.


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  • Unlike all the other CGI charaters, Ace was the first to actully call Rotgut by his preferred title (The Walking Dead)
  • Like a lot of the CGI charaters, Ace is based on a classic comic book superhero. In an interview, Rick Siggelkow claims that he based Ace Lightning on the superhero Superman.