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Fan recreation, referenced from various sources.

The Amulet of Zoar is a triangular artifact with blue/purple jewels set in it, among a set of circle and lightning bolt patterns.


The exact nature of the Amulet, including its powers and the extent of them, is never thoroughly explored within the show and the merchandise. It is capable, when in the right hands it seems, of opening the portal between dimensions. Lord Fear is the only character who has displayed consistent and frequent control over this ability. Other characters who have managed to activate the Amulet's powers are; Dirty Rat (by violently attempting to put the pieces together. He summons Random Virus through this method.), Lady Illusion (uses the piece she carries and Mark's to summon the Lightning Lance, though she expresses some surprise at the result.) and Mark (summons Sparx by joining his piece and another he acquired together).


The Amulet shattering in The Game Begins.

Again, the history of this artifact is never fully explored, and it's origins are a mystery.

"Once apon a time in the Sixth Dimension, the great leader, Zoar, had a magical amulet. So great was its power that it was delivered into the hands of the loyal Lightning Knights for safekeeping. But evil knows no boundaires. imprisoned in cells of pure energy in the sixth dimension, a band of criminals escaped and dared to steal the amulet. In the battle with the Lightning Knights, the amulet was shattered and the evil gang escaped with a single piece. This piece of the amulet allowed them to leave the sixth dimension and enter another. All but one other piece of the amulet was scattered over this new dimension... our dimension. Now Lord Fear and his evil companions are here, seeking the rest of the amulet, hoping to use its power to bring darkness to every known dimension. " - extract from the Ace Lightning Yearbook 2003.


  • Interestingly, the Amulet has beneficial effects on the villains, and adverse for the heroes, despite being an artifact belonging to the Lightning Knights. Whether this is down to the Amulet itself, or Lord Fear's use of it is unclear though. Presumably if the heroes acquired such a powerful object they would automatically be able to overcome all resistance, and hence why the Lightning Knights never possess the completed amulet.
  • Ironically, Ace lightning's/Mark's piece of the Amulet is the centrepiece.
  • Interestingly, when the Amulet is shattered at the end of the first season, it only sends the villains back to the Sixth Dimension.