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Name Anvil
Nicknames Mighty Minion, Oversized Underling (by Lord Fear), Hammer (by Staff Head) Chuckles (by Ace)
Species Mutant Rhinoceros
Affiliation The Carnival of Doom
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Abilities Superhuman strength, anvil in place of right hand.
Weaknesses Little intelligence, has a phobia of the dark.
Voice Actor Jerome Howard

Anvil in the junkyard.

Anvil is a prominent member of the villains working under Lord Fear. He is a humanoid rhinoceros-like creature with a large iron anvil in place of a right hand. He morphs into the carnival's test-your-strength game.


Anvil is a large anthropomorphic grey-skinned rhinoceros, and the tallest person of the Carnival of Doom when standing at full height, although he spends most of the time on all fours. He has a relatively small head compared to his huge, muscular body, likely due to his lack of brain power.

He has small black eyes, two horns on his snout and two more potruding from behind his ears. He wears a short-sleeved orange and black shirt with a dark and light green collar, brown trousers stitched up at the ends with black threads, and another green collar around his waist. On his left arm he wears a black wristband. He has a huge four-fingered left hand, with thick yellow nails. On his right arm, he has a large iron anvil replacing his hand, a large wooden barrel connects the anvil to his right arm and a trashcan lid is placed on his right shoulder.


Anvil is quite a brute, portrayed as being rather stupid and often speaks in third person, although he later appears to get smarter in Season 2 when he starts speaking in proper structered sentences. He has a short temper and is easily angered, often expressing his anger or frustration with either a roar or a promise to "smash" or "crush" an enemy.

Sometimes he may just attack an enemy even without provocation, and makes threats against people (e.g. Anvil threatens to catch Duff Kent and "break him into tiny pieces" when he flees the carnival at the end of Season 1). Anvil appears to be a bit prideful, particularly when he wins a fight or has dominance over another person weaker than he is. He also develops a sense of humour in Season 2, often cracking jokes when fighting Ace. However, Anvil can become a coward if he is left alone in the dark for a period of time.


Anvil's only ability seems to be his superhuman strength, explaining his muscular body. He is capable of picking up Ace Lightning and can even stop Random Virus in his tracks. He can also stop a car from moving by grabbing the front buckle. His strength is boosted by his iron anvil, as proven several times when he has crushed or attacked an opponent or object (e.g. a trashcan). Anvil is also a seemingly unstoppable force when charging at enemies, although he can be stopped if he runs into an object, like a dumpster, or is hit by an energy-based attack. However, while Anvil is strong physically, he seems to be quite vulnerable to the Lightning Knights attacks, being defeated quite easily.


  • Ace Lightning
Ace is Anvil's rival when it comes to strength. Ace often taunts Anvil, insulting his stupidity. Anvil is not as annoyed as them as Pigface is but can be angered. He often threatens Ace by stating he was strike him. Sometimes Anvil attacks without warning or provoking. In Season 2, Anvil takes their rivalry up a notch by developing his own sense of humour and gives wisecracks to Ace.
  • Lord Fear
Lord Fear refers to Anvil as his "muscle-bound minion" and seems to treat him as his favourite minion after Staff Head and Lady Illusion when she was loyal to him. He also a bit of a pet to Lord Fear, who has petted him a couple of occasions. However, Anvil has not been spared from Lord Fear's rage and has been shouted at several times for failure. Lord Fear shows great delight when Anvil returns in Season 2 after being defeated at the end of Season 1.

Anvil and Lord Fear.

  • Pigface
Anvil appears to have a friendship with Pigface as they are often seen together during the later episodes of both seasons. Their limited intelligence and vocabulary seems to fit well together. In the video games, they fight Ace in a tag-team battle working together.


Pre-Season 1

Executive producer of the show claimed that Anvil was born during the Medieval period of the show, meaning that Anvil was the oldest character in the show. He presumably joined Lord Fear sometime and became Ace's rival. He was imprisoned in the Sixth Dimension along with Lord Fear by Ace but was later freed by Lady Illusion. The villains then used the Amulet of Zoar to escape to Conestoga Hills.

Anvil as he appears in the Sixth Dimension.

Season 1

Anvil escapes the Sixth Dimension via the video game of Mark Hollander when a lightning bolt strikes the latter's house. Anvil attempts to kill Ace during their first fight in Mark's backyard, but Mark himself shows up and the retreat called by Lord Fear prevents Anvil from completing his goal. Anvil settles in the Kent Bros. Carnival, sleeping in the test-your-strength machine game when not fighting. He has several encounters with Ace, seemingly growing stronger with each confrontation. Anvil's first major confronation with Ace nearly drained completely of his energy until Mark took him to the local Thunder Tower where he charges up using an electric transformer and he easily beats Anvil by tossing him out of the roof of the observatory. Anvil grows stronger still and nearly beats Ace but is defeated by the timely arrival of Sparx. In a third major fight, Anvil nearly pulverized Ace and tossed balls at Ace, hitting him numerous times until Ace summoned the Lightning Lance and used it to defeat Anvil. He participated in the final battle against the Lightning Knights, fighting and clobbering Random Virus until he was captured by Lady Illusion. Anvil returns to the Sixth Dimension when Mark locates and shatters the Amulet.

Season 2

Anvil is summoned back to the carnival by Lord Fear in Episode 28, stronger than before and "ready to destroy". Anvil immediately gets into several brawls with Ace, proving his newfound strength by actually capable of equalling the power of the Lightning Lance. However, he becomes the first vicitm of Ace's upgrade, the Ring of Flame attack. Anvil challenge Kilobyte during his arrival in the carnival, but ends being the victim of Kilobyte's energy-draining tentacles. Anvil eventually learns to work with Kilobyte and assists him in several fights with Ace and the other Lightning Knights. In the final battles, Anvil helps fight and capture Random Virus, delivering the final blow to him before he is captured by the villains. He revels in sheer joy when Kilobyte explains they will attack humans at the carnival, to capture them and send them to the Sixth Dimension as prisoners, although Anvil wishes to "break them". Anvil has a brief fight with Ace during the final battle, but is defeated by noneother than Lord Fear who is in allegiance with Ace to defeat Kilobyte.


  • In Anvil's concept art, he has a small battery, with pair of wires attached to his right arm. This was not incorporated into the show.
  • Anvil is also known as "The Anvil", possibly meaning that this is not his real name but just a title.
  • Anvil recieves a theme tune during the second season, a jungle-based theme made up mostly of various drums.
  • In the videogame Anvil walks upright on his hind legs, while in the show he usually walks about on all fours.
  • In the French dub of the show, Anvil was renamed "Al la Masse", as a nod to his massive anvil-hand. However, being "à la masse" is also French slang for someone who isn't very bright and has a poor grasp on the events happening around them.