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Behind the Mask
Series 01, Episode 08
Air Date Sep 12, 2002 on BBC
Previous Only Human
Next Once Upon A Hero

Behind the Mask is the 8th episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on September 12th 2002..


It's Halloween and Mark runs into Wayne dressed in a Pigface costume, leading him to think it's the real Pigface for a little bit. At lunch Chuck announces that Halloween is going to be "one big party" with his master plan to get the maximum amount of candy possible. Overhearing Mark repeat the word "party" a rumor quickly spreads that he's throwing a Halloween party, which he only discovers on the bus ride home.

Duff is getting tired of Lord Fear and sneaks out of the carnival that night to ask Ace for help, promising that he can help Ace get Lord Fear's Amulet pieces. Lord Fear sends Dirty Rat and Pigface out to find Duff and bring him back to the carnival for punishment.

At the Hollanders' party, the festivities are in full swing (Brett gets ill when he finds out what black pudding is made of). Chuck shows up in his Ace Lightning costume just as the evils swing by, leading Pigface to mistake him for the real Ace. They chase him all the way to the carnival with Mark in pursuit. Ace and Duff are also at the carnival but when they're caught by Lord Fear, Duff quickly changes his story to saying he was luring Ace into a trap for them. Ace blasts Pigface and Dirty Rat, letting Mark and Chuck get away safely (though not before Chuck is sick in Pigface's bin, from which emerges a satisfied belch), on his way out of the carnival.

At Mark's party Chuck brags that he beat up Wayne, which gets him in trouble when he runs into the real Wayne.


  • This is the only episode where Dirty Rat is destroyed by the heroes.