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Bound To Fail
Series 02, Episode 07
Air Date Apr 27, 2005 on BBC
Previous The Search For Sparx
Next Formula For Disaster

Bound To Fail is the seventh episode of the second series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Apr 27, 2005 on BBC.


Mark is getting ready for his Driver's Ed. lesson where he must drive a car for a future driving license. Meanwhile, Mr. Cheseborough forms an alliance with Lord Fear after he is told lies about Ace being an evil alien, while Lord Fear is a good alien.

Cheseborough creates Formula XYX which will absorb Ace's energy completely, rendering him useless. Kilobyte rewards Lord Fear with a present, a hovering-motorcycle vehicle called the Doom Wagon. What happens on the day Mark takes his driving lesson, and Lord Fear attacks with his new weapons, and will the instructer Mr. DeCutt give Mark a pass?


  • This is the episode in which Lord Fear recives his own mode of transport, (The Doom Wagon), from Kilobyte.
  • The sci-fi movie Lord Fear and Duff are watching near the beginning of the episode is "Radar Men from the Moon."