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Name Brett Ramirez
Nicknames Brett (by The Kids)
Affiliation Consetoga Hills Middle School, and later Conestoga Hills High School
Gender Male
Abilities Skateboarder, Soccer Player.
Weaknesses Unknown
Age 13-15
Actor Brandon Carrera

Brett Ramirez (Brandon Carrera) is Samantha's boyfriend in the first season. He is a popular boy in school, on the soccer team, and is implied to come from a rich family. He is shown to be a friendly, understanding guy and listens to Samantha when she expresses her concerns for Mark, even after Samantha and he break up.

He dates Heather in the second season, putting up with her snobbish attitude, but eventually breaks up with her due to her vendetta against Mark. He's one of the cool kids. Straight up cool.


Heather Hoffs

Samantha Thompson

Mark Hollander