Ace Lightning Wiki
Name Candy Floss
Nicknames N/A
Species Humanoid
Affiliation The Carnival of Doom
Gender Female
Age N/A
Abilities Skilled archer, fires explosive arrows, can trap enemies in cotton candy webs.
Weaknesses Unknown
Voice Actor None

Candy Floss is a scrapped character who was originally meant to appear in the canceled Season 3.

Concept art for Candy Floss.


Candy Floss is a female humanoid who has a rather adult appearance for Ace Lightning. Candy is dressed very much like a gothic punk or motorcyclist. She wears a pink helmet of sorts on her head with four curved pink spikes resembling a mohawk, and it appears she is bald or at least has a shaven head. She wears black underwear, exposing most of her lower torso which has several tattoos on it. She fears a sleeveless purple to over her black top with frilly pink accessories. Ripped pink and white striped legwear covers her legs and purple and black platform boots with spiked straps attached to the front. On her right arm, she wears a spiked black glove and on the left, she wears a black spiked wristband. She also wears some sunglasses on her head. On her back is a large bag of sorts which is pink and white in colour. Her weapon, an archery bow, is yellow in the centre with two striped ends, pink and white in colour. She appears to be able to fire her arrows, shaped like large lollipops, without use of a string usually see on bows.


Candy's abilities have been described by the television show's executive producer, Rick Siggelkow. She is portrayed as skilled archer, as shown by the presence of her archery bow. She can fire out large arrows shaped like lollipops which can explode on contact with their targets. She is also described as being able to ensnare enemies with webs made out of cotton candy.


Candy Floss was up to appear as a new villain in Season 3, as described by Rick Siggelkow. It is likely she would replace Lady Illusion as Lord Fear's female partner, after Lady Illusion's betrayal. However, she never saw the light of day due to the cancellation of the show's final season. Her concept art appeared on the website of Matt Ficner, lead character designer of the show.


  • Candy's design is rather adult for style of the show which is more aimed at children and teenagers.
  • As her name suggests, Candy's name is based on cotton candy, a type of food that is usually found in carnivals or funfairs.