Candy Floss

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Candy Floss, named after the food product, was to appear in the cancelled third season of the television show. In concept artwork, she appeared to be dressed in a fashion sense related to punk rock (e.g. has a shaved head with a helmeted mohawk, ripped clothes, large spiked boots). She was described as being an archer and firing lollipop-shaped arrows which exploded on impact, and could trap enemies in webs made of cotton candy. It was likely she would be Lord Fear's female partner, replacing Lady Illusion.


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Buzzbeast was a character who was scrapped during the making of the second season. It resembled some sort of large saurischian, whilst also exhibiting some raptor traits. It had a pair of large circular saws built into its head and tail. It is presumed Buzzbeast was scrapped due to the extremely violent attacks he could cause with his blades.

it was also possible that Buzzbeast was going appere in a more censored form in the 3rd season (that was cancelled)


A scrapped villain who is described as a "rock-like construction worker". Presumably, he was made from stone and named after a mortar. it is possible that he was going to make an apearance in the cancelled 3rd season.


A quintent of odd-looking creatures referred to as "drones" by Matt Ficner, character designer for the television show, were cut from the character list during the first season. They are described as being demons who hide themselves among the carnival booths. This somewhat explains why the characters are all wearing costumes resembling stuffed animals. It is likely that Dirty Rat's habit of being forced to dress up in toy outfits and spying on the Lightning Knights originated from these characters. The characters' names are unknown. Below are descriptions of the characters:

  • One is a brown creature resembling a gremlin from the film of the same name. It is dressed in a wacky-looking yellow duck costume, its face and ears sprouting out through the duck's beak. It also appears to have flippers or wing-like appendages for arms.
  • The second demon is a green goblin-like creature who is dressed in a panda teddy bear costume. However, it appears that the demon has been either wearing the costume for some time or ripped it apart to fit in it, as the bear's mouth section is absent revealing the demon's face, and one arm and both legs are missing too.
  • The third demon is the tallest of the five and appears to be the muscle of the group, due to its large size. It is hard to say what the demon is supposed to be disguised as but his costume appears to be made out of multiple pieces of fabric stitched together, two pieces are hanging limply upwards, possibly making the costume a distorted rabbit. It wears a green shirt and tattered yellow trousers which appear to be held up by a rope cord. It wears brown shoes, and two large metal blocks appear to be attached to the front of the shoes.
  • The fourth demon is dressed in a large spotty green frog costume, a tongue sticking out of the mouthpiece, where a head resembling that of Pigface is located. It is possible that this character was an early version of Pigface, the villain actually dressing up in a costume in one episode.
  • The fifth demon is the most weirdest. He resembles an anthropomorphic hooved animal, most likely a wild pig of some kind. It has a large head, giving the impression that it may be very intelligent. It wears a red and white shirt, and has larged hooved feet, making it look like a satyr. It wears a belt buckle and carries a group of balloons in one hand.

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