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Name Charles Nelson "Chuck" Mugel
Nicknames Upchuck, Barf Boy, Prince of Puke (by Wanye), Chucky-Wucky, (by Jessica), Chuckdude (by Ace), CHMUG3 (web adress), Bigbyte (by the Computer Camp members)
Affiliation The Lightning Knights
Gender Male
Abilities Computer genius, Projectile Vomiting, Expert on Ace Lightning, Soccer Player.
Weaknesses Easily scared by Wayne Fisgus and the Villians.
Age 13-15
Actor Marc Minardi

Chuck Mugel (Marc Minardi) is Mark's best friend. An overweight, jovial nerd and avid fan of the game, Chuck has an optimistic view on life and would like to beat the game. He is often bullied by Wayne Fisgus, and has a nasty habit of projectile vomiting.

However, he is very intelligent, constructing his own working robot to win a science competition. He dates Wayne's cousin Jessica towards the end of the first season. He becomes Ace's secondary sidekick in the second season, wears glasses, and works as a delivery boy for Rick Hummel. Chuck provides his computer technical skills and knowledge of the game to upgrade Ace and Sparx.


Chuck is an authority on the Ace Lightning game, being the president of the local chapter of the game's fan club. He's also an expert with computers.

In the episode The Unlikely Hero, one of Ace's deflected bolts temporarily gives him superhuman strength.


Season 1

Season 2


  • Mark Hollander: Chuck shows an Immediate liking towards Mark, moving his bag for him to sit down on the bus, trying to strike a convesation with him and later visiting his houce and sticking up for him. Mark also likes Chuck and shairs his love of the Ace Lighting video game but can find him annoying at times (wich chuck acknowledges). Chuck and Mark seem to be best freinds and will help eachother as best thay can.
  • Ace Lightning:
  • Rotgut: He once called Rotgut 'dude' and Rotgut took a liking to him planning to make him into a zombie so he could befriend him.
  • Kat Adams:
  • Jessica Fisgus: