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Climbcrag Castle is a location in the Sixth Dimension, appearing mainly in the video games.

Climbcrag Castle. The far wall visible has the door to the Drab Dungeons added in the Playstation 2 version of the video game.


Fire Foat Moat

Fire Fort Moat

Seemingly based at the top of a volcano and surrounded by lava.


Jousting Yokel (M)
Firefortmoat rider1.jpg
A male boar-riding yokel who wields a lance.
Jousting Yokel (F)
Firefortmoat rider2.jpg
A female boar-riding yokel who wields a lance.
Light Knight
Firefortmoat whiteknight.jpg
Silver-armoured knights bearing the ferret coat of arms. They attack with huge lances.
Firefortmoat chicks.jpg
Yellow one-eyed chicks with beaks filled with sharp teeth.
Distressing Damsel
Firefortmoat beardedlady.jpg
A bearded lady who is dressed as a damsel, wearing a blue coned hat and a dress. This character seems to be a play on the "bearded woman" seen in carnivals. She/he attacks by belly-flopping her/his enemies

Drab Dungeon

Appears only within the Playstation 2 version of the video game.


Dark Knight
A black-armoured knight who has a ferret crest.
Black-haired witches dressed in purple who can teleport and fire energy balls.
Madman Prisoner (alternate)
Prisoner with darker hair and in a striped jumpsuit.

Tumble Down Tower

Tumble Down Tower


Tumbledowntower wizard.jpg
An elderly wizard. He has a white beard, wear's pointed glasses and is dressed in blue and red robes covered in moons and stars. He can teleport in a blaze of purple light and fire purple energy blasts.
Madman Prisoner
Tumbledowntower prisoner.jpg
Insane elderly prisoners who have long beards and are dressed in brown rags, they are attached to a ball and chain. They can swing the ball and chain around as a weapon.
Two Headed Munk
Tumbledowntower monk.jpg
A two-headed munk. One head appears kindly, whilst the other is severley bruised and beaten. The arm belonging to the kindly head wields a bible. The beaten and bruised head wields an axe.
Sword-wielding Ferrets
A pair of ferrets who wield a cutlass sword.
Mace-wielding Ferrets
A pair of ferrets who wield a spiked mace.
Axe-wielding Ferrets
A trio of ferrets who inhabit the top of a suit of armour. The ferrets poking their head's out of the arms wield axes in their mouths.
Ferrets inhabiting a suite of Armour
Tumbledowntower ferretknight.jpg
A group of ferrets who inhabit and control a massive suit of armour, despite having difficulty moving co-ordinately. They attack by wacking enemies with their huge gauntlets.


Random Virus Ace Lightning's old friend, a cyborg, and a Lightning Knight. He suffers from multiple personality disorder. He appears as a boss on top of Tumbledown Tower's highest tower, capable of projecting fireballs from his left wrist cannon.


Climbcrag Castle's history is unknown. However, it appears to be connected to the Carnival of Doom and is used by Lord Fear, and the residents seemingly being loyal to him. Ace arrives in the castle during his battle against the Carnival whilst looking for the Amulet of Zoar. Here, he runs into Lord Fear and Random, who has been corrupted to his evil side. Ace pursues Random through the castle until he confronts him on the roof of Tumbledown Tower. Struggling to control his conflicting minds, Random asks which voice should he listen too. His evil side takes control again and battles Ace, but is defeated when reflected lightning bolts shortcircuit him. He is awakened, his good side in control. He gives Ace his piece of the Amulet and tells him to flee before his evil slowly side returns. The castle's fate is left undetermined after this event.


  • For the Playstation 2 version of the video game, the Drab Dungeons level was added in, along with two new enemies.
  • There are several hints that dragons exist in the Sixth Dimension, or at least in the castle. An image of a dragon appears on the booth entrance at the Carnival of Doom, and in Drab Dungeon, a large dragon-like structure appears.