Ace Lightning Wiki
Name Coach
Nicknames None
Species Human
Affiliation Conestoga Hills Middle School
Gender Male
Age 40's-50's
Abilities Soccer coach, knowledge of soccer and sports.
Weaknesses Limited intelligence.
Actor David Huband

Coach on the soccer field.

Coach is a recurring character in the show's first season. The gym teacher and soccer coach of Conestoga Hills High School, Coach strives to make his soccer team the best in the town, if not the whole of the United States of America. He is also secretly an Ace Lightning Fan or "ALF" for short.


Coach is a middle-aged, overweight man with short black hair. He has bushy eyebrows and narrowed eyes, and a double chin. Coach often wears a blue or black cap, and a coach's whistle around his neck. He usually wears a short-sleeved shirt, trousers, and has an Ace Lightning fan t-shirt.


Coach is a very determined man, wishing to make his soccer team the best in Conestoga Hills, if not in the USA. He often pushes his soccer team to their limits in an attempt to make them good, but Coach's attempts are usually hampered by Chuck Mugel, who often dramatically collapses after briefly kicking the soccerball around. Coach seems to be easily impressed, gobsmacked when he sends Mark to fetch a ball, Ace Lightning arriving and kicking the ball instead, the ball rocketing through the air, sealing Mark's spot on the team. At times, Coach can be quite demanding. When a rival soccer team comes to play off against his, Coach becomes quite nervous. Despite his determination, Coach is not very smart, unaware that football is the British equivalent of soccer. Coach is also an Ace Lightning fan, and comically recites the code of the Lightning Knights with Chuck. He is also pretty much unfazed by the battle between Ace and Lord Fear.


Conestoga Hills Middle School Soccer Team

Being the coach of the middle school's soccer team, he treats them fairly but hard, wishing for them to be the best that they can be. Coach's team motto is "Winners win, losers lose". Mark Hollander and Brett Ramirez are main players, Chuck is also a player, and Wayne Fisgus is the goal keeper. Another named team member is Peterson. The team wear blue and orange sports uniforms.

Nettie Kutcher

Coach appears to have an awkward friendship with Mrs. Kutcher, who encounters him wearing his Ace Lightning shirt. She comments how she will exploit her find to the other dinner ladies at the school, much to Coach's dismay.


Coach likely worked at the middle school prior to Mark and his parents moving to Conestoga Hills. His soccer team first appear in The Substitute, but Coach does not appear until the following episode Face The Music. Here, Mark has volunteered to join the team, and after some skillful moves, Coach is impressed. Wayne boots the ball of the pitch, Coach sending Mark to retrieve it. Ace arrives as Mark fetches the ball and kicks the ball, sending it flying over Coach's head. Unaware of Ace's presence, Coach assumes Mark kicked the ball and immediately adds him to the team.

Coach's next big appearance is in The Unlikely Hero where Chuck gains temporary superpowers after a deflected lightning bolt fired by Ace hits him. Chuck scores a goal, shocking Coach who makes him the top player on the team with his foot now nicknamed "Thunderfoot". Coach fears losing to a rival soccer team, Chuck losing his powers but ultimately helps win the match, Coach being overwhelmed with joy.

Coach's last appearance is in The Biggest Fan when Chuck organizes a meeting for the Conestoga Hills chapter of the Ace Lightning Fanclub. Coach unexpectedly attends, wearing a fan t-shirt and comically quotes the Lightning Knights code with Chuck, but asks him to keep this secret quiet, but Mrs. Kutcher spots his shirt and plans to gossip about this. During Chuck's slideshow presentation, Lord Fear attacks, terrifying all those present except Coach who remains oddly calm until realising what is going on. Ace appears and chases Lord Fear out of the school, Coach cheering him on. After Ace consumes himself in an electrical field and vanishes, Coach admires Ace with "Now that's a hero." Chuck concludes the slideshow and offers free orange drink to the fans, Coach cheering to this.

Presumably Coach formed a new soccer team after most of his team members moved to high school.