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Conestoga Hills is the primary location in the television show. Conestoga Hills is located somewhere in the United States of America. Although it seems like a normal American town, in 2002 it has witnessed otherworlders from the Sixth Dimension, including the Lightning Knights and the Carnival of Doom battling for the Amulet of Zoar. Several citizens of Conestoga Hills have become involved with the otherworlders.


Conestoga Hills appears to be surrounded by a large woodland area, and open fields. Part of the woodland area contains a campsite called Camp Wolfground, and an activity site called Friendship Farm is on the edge of the forest. Conestoga Hills itself appears to be a suburban town mostly, as no large buildings or skyscrapers are seen. It is likely that the town is located in the middle states of the USA due to the large amount of woodland and open fields seen.


Being a town, Conestoga Hills likely has a small population but a large amount of people have been seen throughout the town. Not much is known about the town's economy but there appears to be a high street or a business district. The Kent Bros. Carnival also has been running since 1883, and appears to be a primary tourist attraction in the town. The population is a mix of white Americans, African-Americans, and British people. There have also been the recent editions of otherworlders, namely five humans, two undead humans, an green-skinned elven female, a winged frog, a winged rat, an anthropomorphic rhinoceros and pig, and a large wasp. Dogs appear to be the most preferred pet in the town.

Notable Civilians

The Hollander Family: A family of British immigrants who moved from London, England, in 2002. The family consists of account Simon Hollander, estate agent Fiona Hollander, student Mark Hollander, and Ashley Hollander.
Chuck Mugel: Mark's best friend, works in Rick's Computer Shack, and former president of the town's chapter of the Ace Lightning Fanclub.
Samantha Thompson: School student, currently in a boarding school.
Kat Adams: School student.
Brett Ramirez: School student.
Wayne Fisgus: School student.
Jessica Fisgus: School student.
Heather Hoffs: School student.
Duff Kent: Owner of the Kent Bros. Carnival.
Rick Hubble: Manager of Rick's Computer Shack.
Horace Cheseborough: Science teacher at Conestoga Hills Middle School and High School.
Nettie Kutcher: Dinnerlady at Conestoga Hills Middle School.
Coach: Gym teacher at Conestoga Hills Middle School.
Connie Woodward: Newsreporter for television.
Tom: News anchor for a television news programme.
Gus: Owner of a car impound.
Lester Crocker: Employee at Friendship Farm.


Conestoga Hills Middle School

Conestoga Hills Middle School is where a lot of action involving the overworlders takes place. Regardless, the school is a primary educational location of teenagers in the town. The school has been confirmed to have at least two floors which can be accessed via stairwells and elevators. Known lessons that can be taken includes science, geography, ICT classes, and gym classes. The school has a dance hall, a cafeteria, and a sports field where the school's resident soccer/football team practices and has matches.

  • Staff Members
Unnamed Principal
Unnamed Deputy Head, retired, post temporarily taken by Horace Cheseborough.
Principal's Secretary, seen working during Mr. Cheseborough's period as deputy head.
Mr. Cheseborough, science teacher, was fired at the end of the school year in 2002.
ICT Teacher, an unnamed African-American man.
Geography Teacher, two are seen. One is an Asian woman, and another is a white American woman.
Nettie Kutcher, head dinnerlady in the school's cafeteria. Other dinnerladies have been seen.
Coach, gym teacher and trainer for the school's soccer/football team.
Bus Driver, a surfer dude-type man who is rather laidback and listens to loud music whilst driving. He believed he took a "bad route" when Lord Fear greeted him on the bus.
Janitor, a hooded janitor who was really Ace Lightning.

Conestoga Hills High School

Conestoga Hills High School is a primary educational location for teenagers aged 13-18. It appears to be bigger than the middle school but less is known about it. The battles between the Lightning Knights and the Carnival of Doom continue here, but on a lesser extent. The school's known classes are science and driver's ed. The school also has a basketball court.

  • Staff Members
Unnamed Principal, Mark is sent to the principal by Mr. Cheseborough on the first day of term.
Horace Cheseborough, science teacher and homeroom teacher, formerly worked in the middle school.
Mr. DeCutt, eccentric Driver's Ed teacher, African-American.
Janitor, a poor janitor who has an encounter with Rotgut whilst singing. Rotgut frightens the man and sends him running down the corridor in panic.

Other Locations

  • The Hollander House: Mark's house, located in a suburban area of the town.
  • Chuck's House: Chuck, his mother and presumably his father, live here. Only Chuck's bedroom has been seen.
  • The Kent Bros. Carnival: A small amusement park located in the backstreets of the town near a railway. Also known as the Carnival of Doom.
  • Rick's Computer Shack: A computer maintenance store run by Rick Hubble. Chuck works there.
  • Temptations: A pizza parlour where students hang out, and appears to be the best dating spot in town.
  • Car Impound: A car impound where Duff's ice cream truck is taken by Gus.
  • Friendship Farm: A leisure activity site run by a cheerful man named Lester Crocker.
  • Camp Wolfground: An open area of the surrounding woodland where camping is allowed.