Ace Lightning Wiki
Name Connie Woodward
Nicknames None
Species Human
Affiliation Conestoga Hills' news station.
Gender Female
Age Unknown, 30's-40's
Abilities Journalism skills, sense of realism.
Weaknesses Easily decieved.
Actress Unknown

Connie Woodward speaks on television.

Connie Woodward is a local news reporter for Conestoga Hills. She seems to report on bizarre or supernatural-related headlines. She is shown to be working with an anchorman named Tom. She appeared in Unidentified Flying Superhero and The Master Plan.

Character History

Connie is a black woman with curly black hair and fairly serious demeanour. In her news reports, she speaks with a realistic tone, not believing in the events that happen around the town. She first appears in Unidentified Flying Superhero, reporting on the alien phenomenon that captures the town, caused by Chuck Mugel who caught footage of Sparx on film, mistaking her for an alien. Connie spoke with Chuck and displayed the recorded footage, Chuck briefly stealing her microphone to greet fans.

She next appeared speaking with car impound manager Gus who had a close encounter with Lord Fear and Staff Head during Duff Kent's attempt to reclaim his ice cream truck, the Dairy Wagon. Gus lied to Connie that he fended off the so-called aliens with a baseball bat and threats, when he actually ran away in fright. Connie falls for this and commends him for his bravery.

Her last known report on the alien presence is at Conestoga Hills Middle School, where Horace Cheseborough reports on the aliens and is seen being escorted out of the school, looking very frantic and yells into the camera that the aliens wanted to probe his brain, before being loaded into a police vehicle. Connie comments on a report of Big Foot being spotted in town at the conclusion of her report.

Her final appearance was in the series' very last episode, The Master Plan. She reports on the events at The Kent Bros. Carnival after the climatic battle between the Lightning Knights and the Carnival of Doom, mentioning that some people claimed to be attacked by a giant pig. However, she quickly dismisses this when footage is shown of Mr. Cheseborough running wild, and she warns viewers that he has been condemned a madman by authorities. She briefly talks to Duff who lies that swamp gas caused customers to hallucinate, and then takes the opportunity to promote the carnival as a family friendly place.