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Cowboy Crossroads is a region of the Sixth Dimension, appearing mainly in the video games. A barren and rocky land home to a great number of zombie creatures.

An overview of Cowboy Crossroads.


The Nevershine Mine

A sprawling network of tunnels with many zombies, skeletons and such inhabiting it.

The Nevershine Mines


Kamikaze Canary
Nevershinemine canary.jpg
A group of suicidal yellow canary birds who have time bombs and sticks of dynamite strapped to their bodies by blue wires. They explode upon contacting with other lifeforms.  
Nevershinemine diggerzombie.jpg
Green-skinned male zombies dressed in black. They shuffle around in movement and wield shovels.
Miner Zombie 1#
Nevershinemine minerzombie.jpg
A green-skinned zombie man dressed in a chequered top, who tosses dynamite and wields a pickaxe.
Miner Zombie
Nevershinemine minerzombie2.jpg
An overwieght bearded male zombie who tosses dynamite and wields a pickaxe.
Nevershinemine skeleton.jpg
Re-animated skeletons who can rebuild themselves if incapacitated.
Lava Monster
Magma-based creatures

Ghastly Gulch

Ghastly Gulch

A vast canyon filled with gun-slinging zombies, malicious tumbleweed, huge monsters of rock and the like. One part of the canyon appears to be home to a small settlement; wooden homes lit with lanterns. Due to the concentration of zombies in this area, it is likely to be their town.


Living tumbleweeds who can pursue enemies at high speeds and attack them, giggling like maniacs.
Black and red coloured grinning spiders wearing cowboy hats. Though more common to the House of Illusion, they appear here too.
Green-coloured scorpions wearing tall purple top hats and have an eyepatch covering their right eye.
Undead cowboys wearing long brown trenchcoats and hats. They wield a pair of pistols which they can fire in fast precisions. They have good aiming skills, and appear to be able to turn invisible and run at supersonic speeds.
Kiddon Cactus
Also known as Cactus Man, these Zombies are dressed in cactus costumes and hide in a cactus-lined area of Ghastly Gulch. Like the Kamikaze Canary these villians can explode if Ace Lightning comes near.
Rock Monster
Large rock monsters similar to the Lava Monsters.
Robotic Vulture
Mechanical vultures who fly high above Rat Trap Hotel. If Ace moves close enough for them to spot him, they will dive down to attack.

Rat Trap Hotel

Interior of the Rat Trap Hotel

A seedy run-down hotel located deep in Ghastly Gulch. The building looks in disrepair from the outside, the windows boarded up and the woodwork rotting. Inside it is well decorated and furnished, and has an extravagant ballroom within.


Gunslinger Zombie
Rattraphotel gunner.jpg
Dim witted gun wielding zombies.
Inebriated Zombie
Rattraphotel drunkzombie.jpg
Zombie unsteady on his feet. This Zombie bears a resemblence to Rotgut from the second season of the Ace Lightning TV show.
Cancan Ghoul
Rattraphotel cancan.jpg
Zombie dancer, she will attack by kicking her shoesat at opponents.
Boozin Kiddon Cactus
Rattraphotel cactus.jpg
Zombie disguised as a cactus with a sombraro. This Zombie can explode on impact with a Lightning Knight just like the other Kiddon Cacti. 
Zombie Bartender
Rattraphotel barman.jpg
The Bartender at Rat Trap Hotel. He seemingly drinks just as much as his customers. He can throw empty liqour bottles at enemys to defend himself.

Crazy Grave Maze


A vast cemetary full with huge crypts.


Spy Owl
A normal brown-feathered owl with large yellow eyes. It is seemingly the only harmless living creature in the Sixth Dimension.
Buried Zombie
A zombie who is buried underground, and only its arm is free, grasping for the air.
Undead Doberman-like dogs who have a vicious set of teeth.
Nevershinemine diggerzombie.jpg
An undead male zombie who wields a large shovel.
Zombie Torso
Zombie torso.jpg
The top section of a male zombie split into two pieces. He moves around by using his arms. He wacks at opponents to defend himself.
Zombie Legs
The lower portion of the split zombie. This bodyless Zombie uses his legs to fight off enemies.
Coffin Zombie
Coffin guy.jpg
A blue-faced zombie who has broken out of its coffin, but unable to escape it and so walks around inside the coffin. They can explode like the Cactus Men.
Giant George Wayne
A large golem-like cowboy. This statue was possessed by millions of sprit's from the cemetery and forced to fight Ace Lightning.   


Dirty Rat
Lord Fear's spy and leader of the Cowboy Crossroads' army of the undead.


Lost Areas

Lost areas are areas that were shown in the Ace Lighning video game trailer but do not appear in the final game. It is likely these are part of a prototype build and were cut due to time constraints or budget. Searching the game maps through hacking has not yet yielded these areas.