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Daffy Duff
Series 01, Episode 20
Air Date Mar 09, 2003 on BBC
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Daffy Duff is the twenty episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Mar 09, 2003 on BBC.


Duff is driven crazy by living with the Evil Gang and visits a psychiatrist to deal with the stress. He tells the psychiatrist about all kinds of experiences he's had with the game characters, but the psychiatrist thinks these are just products of Duff's overactive imagination and not real beings.

After hearing Duff's stories he has his secretary drive Duff home, but after he's left the room she turns into Lady Illusion, and knows all about his dissatisfaction about being around the villains.


  • Lady Illusion turns back into her regular self even though there are people in the waiting room who should've seen her transform.