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Download Disaster
Series 01, Episode 19
Air Date Mar 08, 2003 on BBC
Previous The Last Laugh
Next Daffy Duff

Download Disaster is the nineteenth episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Mar 08, 2003 on BBC.

Download Disaster is the 19th episode of Ace Lightning.


Without Sparx's help, Ace is forced to push himself harder and harder to fight Lord Fear's evils. Mark goes to the junkyard to ask Random Virus to help, but when the crazed cyborg almost crushes him Ace warns Mark to stay away for his own safety.

Mark tries another approaching by hooking Ace up to his computer to download extra powers from Chuck, but Chuck's computer gets a virus and crashes, turning Ace into a lifeless statue. The evils sneak into Mark's house and capture Ace and take him to the carnival.

Mark interrupts the evils' victory party when he comes to save Ace, but he didn't come alone! Random appears and battles Lord Fear, distracting him enough that Lady Illusion is able to bring Ace back to life with a kiss. Realizing he's outmatched by Ace and Random, Lord Fear retreats into the haunted house. However, Staffhead saw Lady Illusion revive Ace and holds his knowledge of her betrayal over her.