Ace Lightning Wiki

Name Duff Kent

Duff (by The Villans), Mr. Duff (by Lord Fear), Duffy (by Dirty Rat)

Affiliation Kent Bros. Carnival (The Carnival Of Doom)
Gender Male
Age Unknown (possibly early 40's)
Actor Phillip Williams

Duff Kent (Philip Williams) is the owner of the Kent Bros. Carnival, Duff becomes a slave of Lord Fear after they invade the funfair. He tolerates Lord Fear's presence, often grovelling in front of him for his own safety, and only wants to run his business normally.

He forms a close friendship with Dirty Rat, bonding over their misery in life and desire to make money. Duff drives an ice cream truck called the "Dairy Wagon", which the villains use for transport. Duff rebels against Lord Fear in the season one finale, aiding in the fight against him, but ends up working with him again in the second season, though on a more even level. He refers to the game characters as cartoons.