Ace Lightning Wiki

Ace Lightning is a British and Canadian children's television series co-produced by the BBC and Alliance Atlantis, which originally broadcast in the United Kingdom but was also aired in other countries including the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The programme featured live actors interacting with computer animated characters from a fictional video game. The series is significant in that until its creation, live action and CGI had not been attempted to such a huge and constant degree within a weekly television serial.


List of episodes.

In chronological order, these are;

Season 1
1: The Game Begins
2: The Trap Is Set
3: The Substitute
4: Face The Music
5: There's No Place Like Home
6: Opposite Attraction
7: Only Human
8: Behind the Mask
9: Once Upon A Hero
10: Knights Undercover
11: Tunnel Of Love
12: Nobody's Hero
13: Ace's Wild
14: The Field Trip
15: Not Alone At Home
16: Unidentified Flying Superhero
17: A Friend In Need
18: The Last Laugh
19: Download Disaster
20: Daffy Duff
21: The Unlikely Hero
22: The Not So Great Outdoors
23: The Biggest Fan
24: The Play's The Thing
25: The Rat Turns
26: Game Over
Season 2
27: Upgrades
28: The Game's On
29: Unwelcome Guest
30: A Secret Life
31: Welcome To The Nightmare
32: The Search For Sparx
33: Bound To Fail
34: Formula For Disaster
35: Choices
36: Rotgut Rides Again
37: Putting It Together
38: Kilobyte Bites Back
39: The Master Plan