Ace Lightning Wiki

Name Fred
Nicknames Pet (by Kilobyte)
Species Giant Mutated Wasp
Affiliation The Carnival of Doom, Rick Hummel
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Abilities Flight, stinger, mandible jaws, can absorb energy.
Weaknesses Unknown
Voice Actor None

Kilobyte with Fred during his mutation.

Fred is Kilobyte's form of transport, pet, and attack dog of sorts. Created from Kilobyte's power and Rick Hummel's design, Fred stung Kilobyte and took on his powers, mutating into a giant form. He does not speak, but is quite loyal to Kilobyte.


Original Appearance

Fred originally appeared as a regular-sized, furry, black and yellow wasp, until mutated by Kilobyte's powers.

Mutated Appearance

In his larger, mutated form, Fred becomes massive in size. His size is roughly the same size as the Doom Wagon, owned by Lord Fear and twice the size of The Lightning Flash, owned by Sparx. although he is severly mutated, he still maintains his wasp features - a large pair of huge yellow insectoid eyes, massive wings, six exra long legs, and a super sharp stinger.


Fred's abilities are generally limited. He can naturally fly courtesy of his wings, and has a large stinger, mandibles and a pair of large pincer claws. Despite his seemingly heavy body, Fred can rear back onto two legs for a moment in time. His body is quite protective against attacks, and he has good physical strength. Most notably is his ability to absorb Kilobyte's powers in the first place.


  • Kilobyte
Kilobyte specifically created Fred as his pet and mode of transport. Fred is treated very affectionately by Kilobyte, something of which is not seen often from the villain. Fred lives behind the Haunted House in The Kent Bros. Carnival and is summoned via a whistling from Kilobyte. Kilobyte often pets Fred and speaks softly but maliciously to him about how he will feed Ace Lightning to him.


Fred first appears in Welcome To The Nightmare, Kilobyte pursues a frightened Ace to Friendship Farm where Mark Hollander is on a field trip. After losing track of Ace, Kilobyte orders Duff Kent to fetch a wasp from a nearby wasphive. Duff succeeds and gives Kilobyte the wasp, in a plastic jar. Kilobyte's tentacle slithered into the jar and the wasp stung it, he then pulled it out again. When the wasp stung Kilobyte it ends up mutating when it absorbs some of the Cyber Stalker's power. Kilobyte looks after the wasp as it mutates in his arms, much to the horror of Duff, Dirty Rat and Rotgut. Kilobyte then announces that the wasp is called Fred, much to the astonishment of Duff. Later, Fred becomes fully grown and Kilobyte uses him to chase Mark and Kat Adams, before fighting and defeating Ace.

Fred is later used by Kilobyte for transport, fighting Ace when he tries to rescue Ashley Hollander's pet hamster. After Ace and Mark are captured by the villains and held hostage at the junkyard, Kilobyte arrives so Fred can eat them. However, the Lightning Knights fend Fred off using electrical attacks and a metal bar held by Mark. Kilobyte ultimately retreats when Random Virus and Sparx fight back.

Fred is used as a mode of transport for the remainder of the series, capturing the Lightning Knights repeatedly. In the last episodes, Fred captures Sparx , Random and Kat and guards them, when they become Kilobyte's prisoners, although he disappears during the final battle. Fred was one of the villians who stayed behind in the Carnival of Doom after Kilobyte's defeat.