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Game Over
Series 01, Episode 26
Air Date Mar 28, 2003 on BBC
Previous The Rat Turns
Next Upgrades

Game Over is the 25th and last episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Mar 28, 2003 on BBC.


The Carnival of Doom, with the Amulet of Zoar completed, and in their possesion, are preparing to attack The Lightning Knights, and destroy the mortal world forever. The Lightning Knights are preparing to attack the Carnival, and recover the Amulet of Zoar before they become too weak to stand a chance. Ace and Sparx fly to the junkyard to try to enlist Random Virus's help, but he angrily refuses. As they fly away, his good side asserts itself. Mark leaves the school dance to help.

The three Lightning Knights arrive at the carnival and battle the evils, but weakened and outnumbered, they are quickly overwhelmed. Random Vrius and Sparx are trapped in one of Lady Illusion's energy bubbles, and Ace is about to be deleted from existance by Lord Fear. Mark is about to delete the Ace Lightning game from his computer in hopes it will cause the game characters to disappear, but he decides to find the amulet instead and searches the haunted house. He finds the amulet in Lord Fear's organ, by playing certain keys to unlock the combination, and shatters it, banishing the evils back to the Sixth Dimention.

Lady Illusion, who was not returned to the game, confesses her feelings for Ace before teleportingto an unknown location. Mark returns to the dance and finds that despite his odd behavior, Samantha admires his good nature and loyalty to his friends. The season closes on Mark promising to remember to "Do right and fear not."


  • Game Over is the 26th episode of Ace Lightning and the first season finale.