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Name Googler
Nicknames Maniacal Menace (by Ace) Giggling Ghoul (by Lord Fear) Goog (by Sparx)
Species Mutant Humanoid/Reptile
Affiliation The Carnival of Doom
Gender Male
Age 33
Abilities Can roll into a spiked ball for attacking purposes, can drain characters of their energy, living venomous sock puppets.
Weaknesses Lost in his own madness.
Voice Actor Richard Binsley

The Clown of Mayhem and his sock puppets.

Googler is a recurring villain, and a member of the Carnival of Doom. A nemesis of Ace Lightning on the same levels as Lord Fear and Kilobyte, Googler is a maniacal and insane jester who wishes to kill Ace, or in his own term, "googlerise" him. He is accompanied by two living sock puppets, Zip and Snip, who share Googler's hatred for Ace. He was previously trapped in White Hot Oblivion in Dimension Two by Ace, but was released by Lord Fear using a piece of the Amulet of Zoar, making him the first additional character introduced into the series after the originals were established. He morphs into a puppet show booth at The Kent Bros. Carnival.


Googler appears as a jester or clown, with a humanoid appearance but to some extent, is built like a reptile. His species is brought into question, due to the presence of a tail. He usually travels as a rolling or bouncing spiked ball, but he is seen walking, usually stood in a hunched position. He wears a metal mask that covers the top part of his face and head, only showing his yellow eyes. He has a large bottom jaw, jagged teeth, a small purple tongue and green lips. The mask features two jester headdresses, one red and the other blue, with jingling bells attached to them. He wears a grubby yellow short-sleeved top and three belts strapped around his waist, making it look like he is wearing a loosened straitjacket. He also wears blue trousers with frilly yellow ends. He also wears identically stripped socks and long sleeves, coloured in green and purple. There is a similar cloth covering his tail, another bell attached to the tip. His footwear are large jester shoes, brown in colour, and curled at the end, more bells attached to the tips. Zip and Snip, two identical sock puppets, aside from their different colour schemes, cover Googler's grey-coloured, gloved hands. His most notable feature is a spiked shell attached to his back; it is unknown if this is actually a part of his body or not. Googler can wrap himself up in the shell to become a bouncing or rolling spiked ball, navigating through an eyehole in the ball.


Googler is basically insane, described as maniacal by other characters, and is seemingly homicidal. He is a chaotic figure who beyond his constant laughter and giggles, is a cold and tormenting person who has zero sympathy for those he inflicts pain on. Googler enjoys causing pain on others, mainly to fuel his own madness and entertainment. He puts on quite the show when he is in battle, or doing anything in particular, often cracking jokes, or giving riddles to his opponents. At times, he displays a childlike personality, easily excited and laughing hysterically at others, and at times has displayed little intelligence, by asking Ace what a friend is. Googler has invented his language of sorts, replacing normal words in sentences with his words, usually combined with his own name and ordinary words; for example, "Googlerise" is Googler's way out saying he will either harm, defeat or even kill an opponent. Googler has shown anger at times, particularly if he is insulted or defeated in battle and vengeance is something he usually desires. He displays no real loyalties, but is just in the carnival to help spread chaos and evil and kill Ace, even ordering Lord Fear to assist him in killing Ace. Googler's main hobby is bringing pain and suffering to others, but is also seen playing a bowling game against Lord Fear, whom he beats, cheating at one point, rolling up into his spiked ball and hurling hmself at the pins.


Googler's primary abilities involve his spiked ball form, although he can unleash Zip and Snip to add problems for those he is attacking. Googler can roll into a spiked ball whilst on the ground or in the air, and proceed to pummel an enemy into submission with fast-moving attacks that usually involve him bouncing off the ground and walls. He can also speed across the ground at fast speeds, running over Dirty Rat in his first appearance. In this form he is still vulnerable to Lightning Knights' attacks. He later gains a new ability in the second season, which involves him striking a Lightning Knight whilst in his ball form, and causing them to "bleed" out energy in the form a stream of binary code until they return to the Datastream and seemingly die. This can be cured via the "Fire Upgrade" the Lightning Knights recieve from Chuck Mugel, which gives the heroes invulnerability to attacks for a limited amount of time. In the video games, Googler attacks with explosive bowling balls.


Ace Lightning

Due to being imprisoned by Ace, Googler has quite a hatred for him, but yet can't help but have fun when fighting Ace, similar to the relationship between Batman and The Joker from DC Comics. He is often very tormenting to Ace, jumping him in battle and then laughing at his pain. Ace shows a deep disliking towards Googler, angrily firing a massive volley of lightning bolts at the villain when he blasts Sparx back to the Sixth Dimension. Ace considers Googler one of his most deadliest enemies.


Sparx is Googler's rival and seemingly more of an enemy than Ace is, although like Ace, Googler sees Sparx as a victim and playmate than as an enemy. The two first battle in Episode 16, Googler showing anger when Sparx insults his jokes and begins to refer to her as "Sparxy" whilst she refers to him as names like "Chuckles". Upon Sparx's return from the Sixth Dimension, Googler shows clear shock, and his defeat at her hands begins their rivalry. As time went by, Sparx grew to hate Googler while he was more playful in their battles. The two are often the first to engage in battles between the Lightning Knights and the Carnival of Doom. The two never had a final battle in the last episode, other than a very brief clash where Googler attacked Sparx only to be batted away and pinned to a wall where Googler hung in embarrasment.

Lord Fear

While their relationship is lightly viewed throughout the series, Googler and Lord Fear seem to be on good terms, likely due to their shared hatred for Ace and desires for vengeance. Lord Fear seems fond of Googler's style of chaos and form of attack, referring to him as his "grinning ghoul" on several occasions. At times, Lord Fear has demanded that Googler ceases his antics as seen on their first meeting, Lord Fear shown to be rather astonished by Googler's bizarre appearance. In the second series, Lord Fear and Googler are seen playing a bowling game together at The Kent Bros. Carnival, Googler winning much to Lord Fear's irritation, Staff Head suggesting that Lord Fear should stick to golf. The two seem to respect eachother, Lord Fear suggesting that the two should destroy Ace together to be fair and to satisfy both of them, which Googler agrees on. In their last appearance together, Googler asks Lord Fear to help him kill Ace, which Lord Fear objects to but seemingly hints that he may indeed help at a later date.

Dirty Rat

Googler and Dirty Rat are often seen eachother, sharing their dislike of Ace and laughing together. On their first appearance, Dirty Rat insulted Googler, who then unleashed his sock puppets upon him and then ran him over, but by the end of the episode, the two were shown to be on good terms and tormenting Ace to their own delight and then cowering when he regained his powers, removed by Zip and Snip.

Zip and Snip

Being Googler's friends and sock puppets, Zip and Snip are on very good terms with the jester and share his love for pain and madness. Googler often allows them to fly off and perform their own attacks, and often likes to attack together with them as a three-pronged attack. They seem to have a symbiotic relationship with eachother.


Pre-Season 1

Prior to the events of Season One, Googler owned a nightmarish circus called Googler's Big Top and appeared to be in alleigance with Lord Fear. Ace made his way through the circus until he battled and defeated Googler in a hidden room filled with gun powder barrels, gaining a piece of the Amulet of Zoar. It is likely at this point that Ace banished Googler to White Hot Oblivion in Dimension Two.

Season 1

Sometime after his imprisonment, Googler was freed from White Hot Oblivion by Lord Fear using a newly discovered piece of the Amulet, found by Dirty Rat, debuting Episode 7. Lord Fear and Dirty Rat showed astonishment by Googler's appearance and personality, easily judging him as being a joke. Googler quickly changed their minds by running over Dirty Rat and scaring him with Zip and Snip. Lord Fear eagerly welcomed Lord Fear to his crew and upon mentioning Ace, Googler instantly decided to join his cause, wishing to "play" and googlerise Ace. Lord Fear agrees to help with a plan. Googler lured Ace out into a park in Conestoga Hills, using Anvil as bait to drain Ace's energy, Zip and Snip then absorbing Ace's superpowers, leaving him basically powerless. Googler then proceeded to kidnap Mark and brought him back to the carnival to execute in a rather playful style: Placing him a dunking tank where Zip and Snip wait. Ace comes to Mark's rescue, regaining his powers in the process, and promising Googler he will return him to White Hot Oblivion sooner or later. An angry Lord Fear blasts Googler away for his incompetence.

Googler escapes White Hot Oblivion.

Googler next appeared in Episode 10, appearing when Samantha Thompson found herself trapped in the carnival. Googler sent his puppets after her whilst he fought Ace, overwhelming Ace with his fast attacks. He eventually cornered Ace by a dunking tank, Lord Fear approaching and suggesting that they finish him off together. Ace escapes and flies by Lady Illusion who attacks him, only for Googler to leap into the path of the explosion and sent flying back into his puppet show booth, although the attack was actually deliberately made to look like an accident due to Lady Illusion's romantic affair with Ace. He returned again in Episode 13, his puppets turning Ace temporarily into a zombie.

In Episode 16, Unidentified Flying Superhero, Googler sits in the back of the Dairy Wagon whilst Duff and Dirty Rat spy on Mark. Impatient, Googler leaps out of the ice cream truck to attack Mark, only to get into a battle with Sparx. After the battle, he discovers that the truck is missing, the vehicle having been towed away and Duff and Dirty Rat giving chase. An afraid and upset Googler wanders around the town for the next night until he rests on a park bench outside Conestoga Hills Middle School. He is awoken by a painful sound given off by an alien-detection device Horace Cheseborough built, Googler angrily attacking and destroying it. Mark and Mr. Cheseborough flee from Googler, who catches up to them via a school elevator. Scaring off Mr. Cheseborough, Googler turns his sights on Mark and chases him outside behind the school. Ace and Sparx show up but in the following battle, Sparx drops her sword which Zip and Snip pick up and blast her with, sending Sparx back to the Sixth Dimension. Enraged, Ace unleashes a large blast of lightning bolts upon Googler, who flees in the ice cream truck.

Googler's role for the remainder of the first season is minor, appearing occasionally to fight Ace. Sparx returns to fight Googler, the two duking it out in the playground of the middle school where Sparx defeats him, officially kicking off their rivalry. In the final battle in Episode 26, Game Over, Googler fights Sparx but easily defeats her due to her weakened powers. He is sent back to the Sixth Dimension along with Lord Fear, Staff Head, Anvil, Pigface, and Dirty Rat, when Mark finds and shatters the Amulet of Zoar.

Season 2

Despite not returning to the carnival until Episode 35, Googler frequently appeared in the Sixth Dimension scenes, hanging around in the dimension's version of the Carnival of Doom and his own circus. Ace and Sparx make their way through the circus but are attacked and chased by Googler and his minions, Sparx wounded in the process. Googler eventually corners them in the carnival midway, Ace challenging him to a fight. Googler leaps in to attack him, only for Ace to vanish, summoned back to Conestoga Hills by Chuck. An angered Googler shouts out that he doesn't like tricks unless our his, and he begins to pursue Sparx.

Googler appears again in Search For Sparx, encountering Sparx in the circus. Chuck witnesses this and Sparx interacts with him through the computer screen, but Googler suddenly leaps in and sucks Chuck into the Sixth Dimension, turning him into a video game character. Googler quickly begins to pursue Chuck, who runs around the circus screaming whilst Googler has the time of his life. Googler eventually corners Chuck who asks him for mercy, claiming that it is his first time inside a video game. Sparx zaps Googler and briefly knocks him out. Googler regenerates and pursues the two, cornering them in the Haunted House. However, the two escape Googler and return to Conestoga Hills.

Googler is eventually summoned back to The Kent Bros. Carnival by Lord Fear, Kilobyte declaring that their army of villains in now complete. Googler attacks the Lightning Knights, wounding Sparx in the process and causing her to bleed out data. Sparx is taken to Mark's house, but Googler follows and attacks Ace with the same result as Sparx. Mark manages to get Chuck's help, the latter being possessed by Rotgut, healing the Lightning Knights who then proceed to blast Googler back to the carnival.

Googler aides Kilobyte, Lord Fear and the other villains in their plan to eliminate the Lightning Knights and their allies. He attempts to fight and defeat Random Virus, only to be sent flying by the cyborg. He later appears as Conestoga Hills High School to capture Mr. Cheseborough and Rick Hummel. He fights Sparx once again, and in turn is defeated by her. In the last episode, Googler is present as the junkyard where Kilobyte announces his master plan to imprison mankind in the Sixth Dimension. Sparx, who is eavesdropping on the meeting, is found out and tries to escape. Googler springs in to attack her, only to be batted away by Sparx and ends up stuck on a wall in defeat.

In the final battle, Googler's final appearance is brief. He comes across Lord Fear and asks him to assist him in killing Ace. Lord Fear stands in the Doom Wagon and declines, a confused Googler than getting blasted by his leader into his puppet show. In the cancelled Season 3, Googler was likely going to return, Lord Fear using Mr. Cheseborough's technology to possibly achieve Googler's return.


  • Like most of the characters, Googler seems to be based upon established comic book characters. He shares traits with The Joker and The Riddler from the Batman comics.
  • In the PC and Playstation 2 games, Googler's puppets are on the wrong hands, which means his headdresses must be on the wrong side of his head as well.