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Googler's Big Top is a location in Sixth Dimension, and is affiliated with the Carnival of Doom. It mainly is featured in the video games, although it is also featured in Season 2 of the television programme.



From the outside the circus looks like a regular carnival tent, although the entrance is designed to resemble the giant head of a green-haired clown, his mouth acting as an entrance. The foyer has two entrances to different areas of the circus, including the circus ring and to a cannon, and a trampoline leading to the high walkways. The circus appears to be bigger than it appears, as the walkways seem to be suspended above a bottomless pit. The central feature of the circus is the ring, a large and dark arena where animals run wild, several wings leading off of the ring to rooms containing large cages containing animals or performers. The cannon is actually a large sloping tunnel that leads to a round room filled with barrels of gunpowder.

Ring of Fear

Ring of Fear


Cheeky Monkey
Brown-furred monkeys who are dressed in yellow clown costumes and red pointed hats. They flock around in groups and appear to be skilled martial artists. Chuck Mugel and Sparx encounter a group of these whilst trapped in the Sixth Dimension.
Nellie the Elephant
A trio of female elephants mounted with Ferret riders.
Predatory brown-furred bears who wear small red hats and bowties, they also wear a pair of red and green underpants. They are shown to be able to bounce on balls and move around on them for travel. They are vicious and attack with thrashing claws.
Trained lions that run wild in the circus. They wear green bowler hats and a large red clown nose placed on their snouts, and they have the ability to shoot out their fanged teeth as projectiles.
Rocky the Elephant
Rocky the elephant.jpg
A bipedal elephant adept at boxing.
Strong Man
Powerhouses of the circus, the strongmen are tall muscle-bound mustached men who wear leopard-spot patterned leotards, and carry a pair of dumbbells with them.
Trampoline Madman
Acrobats who are dressed in red and blue clothes. Their bodies have been twisted around and their eyes boggle out of their heads. They walk on their hands and can attack with a flipping kick.
Large grey-skinned walruses who sit on circus podiums juggling several red balls which they will launch at enemies.

Circus Walkways

The Circus Walkways


Evil Clowns
Evil clowns who attack with a "razor pie". They wear purple shirts with a red bowtie, baggy green and blue stripped trousers which ferrets pop out of, and laugh evilly as they walk around.
Robo the Clown
Large robotic clowns that wear clown makeup, hats and bowties and wield spinning red and blue spiked batons.



Inhuman Cannonballs
Human cannonballs that dwell in the circus' cannon. They shoot up to attack those who come down the slide who are not welcome there.


Lord Fear's "Clown of mayhem", and loyal servant. Googler owns Googler's Big Top and commands the inhabitants to kill or torture Ace Lightning.


Googler's Big Top appears in the video games with Ace landing in the Sixth Dimension's version of the carnival in search of Lord Fear. The circus is the first place he visits after obtaining a piece of the Amulet of Zoar. Googler encounters Ace and tauntingly flees from him across the circus until he lures him down the circus' cannon into a room full of gun powder barrels. Ace and Googler fight until Googler is defeated due to Ace blowing up some of the barrels. It is not seen what happens to Googler after this point but he is likely banished to White Hot Oblivion.

The circus appears in the second season of the television show. Ace and Sparx trek their way through the Sixth Dimension and walk into the circus where they are ambushed by Googler and a variety of circus performers, Sparx being repeatedly attacked by a Cheeky Monkey that wounds her. The two escape. Sparx later returns to the circus and fights Googler until Chuck appears, but he is chased around by Googler until the jester is defeated by Sparx. Rick Hummel is imprisoned here when he is trapped in the Sixth Dimension by Kilobyte and remains here when Kilobyte arrives after his defeat.