Ace Lightning Wiki
Name Gus
Nicknames None
Affiliation Gus' Towing Service
Gender Male
Age Unknown, 30's
Abilities Runs a car impound, has some form of authority.
Weaknesses Easily frightened.
Actor Unknown

Gus speaks with Duff Kent, not noticing Lord Fear.

Gus is an Average Joe citizen who runs a car impound in Conestoga Hills. He believes in aliens and has a close encounter with Lord Fear and Staff Head. He only appears in Episode 16, Unidentified Flying Superhero.

Character History

Gus is an overweight man with black hair and a broad face. He is seen wearing a blue jacket and cap, and a red t-shirt underneath. He is shown to be quite rude and a bit greedy, demanding $50 from those who come to regain their impounded vehicles. Gus makes his singular appearance in Unidentified Flying Superhero, where Sparx was caught on film by Chuck Mugel and caused a scare around town that aliens were nearby. Gus towed Duff Kent's ice cream, the Dairy Wagon, whilst its owner and Dirty Rat were looking for Googler. The two were forced to walk back to The Kent Bros. Carnival where they broke the news to Lord Fear, who demanded they get the truck back.

The following day, Gus was seen listening to alien sighting and reports on the local radio station, and appeared as a believer. Duff, Lord Fear, Staff Head and Dirty Rat snuck by into Gus' impound and crept into the ice cream truck. However, when Duff started the engine up, he turned on the truck's sound speakers, catching Gus' attention. Gus, wielding a baseball bat, approached Duff and argued with him to pay the toll in order to leave with the truck, Duff accusing Gus of ripping him off with daylight robbery. An impatient Lord Fear stuck his head out of the truck's service window and ordered Gus to get out their way. Gus mistook Lord Fear for an alien and agreed to co-operate as long as he wasn't harmed by Lord Fear, describing him as ugly. Staff Head appeared and angrily attacked Gus. Duff took this opportunity to escape with the ice cream truck, Gus fleeing into his office screaming "The aliens are coming!"

Gus is later seen on television, on a news programme talking to Connie Woodward. He claimed that he scared the "aliens" away and openly threatens them on television. He also notes that Staff Head had a British accent. Connie commends Gus for his fake actions, which Gus agrees on.