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Name Heather Hoffs
Nicknames Heather, Moody Heather (by The Kids)
Affiliation Conestoga Hills Middle School, and later Conestoga Hills High School
Gender Female
Abilities Martial Arts expert, Cheerleader.
Weaknesses Always in a bad mood! (In Season 2)
Age 13-15
Actress Petra Wildgoose

Heather Hoffs (Petra Wildgoose) is Samantha's best friend. She is a chatty, enthusiastic girl who pursues Mark after Samantha breaks up with him. Heather attends karate lessons, and enjoys martial art films starring Jackie Chan.

Heather is not as forgiving towards Mark as Samantha, and dates Brett in the second season. However, she maintains a grudge against Mark, becoming very snobbish and mean til Brett breaks up with her in the season finale.