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Kat as she appears in Episode 29.

Name Kathryn "Kat" Adams
Nicknames Kat
Species Human
Affiliation Mark Hollander, Conestoga Hills High School, The Lightning Knights
Gender Female
Age 13-14
Abilities Investigative skills, basketball player
Weaknesses Can be very persistent and irrational.
Actress Ashley Leggat

Kathryn "Kat" Adams is a primary protagonist in Season 2, acting as the main female human character and Mark Hollander's third girlfriend.


Kat is a teenage caucasian girl with sandy blonde hair. She usually has her hairstyle either hanging loose or in various ponytails or braided styles. She often wears a blue flatcap of sorts with a pair of badges attached to it, her hair dangling from it in various styles. Her most common dress sense is a green t-shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt. Over the course of the second series, she seemingly becomes more ladylike, wearing a skirt in the last episode.


Season 2

Kat is the lead heroine of the second season, replacing Samantha after she moves to a boarding school. Kat moves into town with her parents but is not thrilled to leave the city life and considers running away.She can be moody, brash, and argumentative, but is chatty and inquisitive, pursuing a career as editor of the school newspaper.

She strikes up a friendship with Mark, perplexed by his odd behaviour and they eventually start dating. She shows talent in playing basketball[7] and commonly wears flatcaps. She decides to investigate the mysterious events in the carnival, and discovers the existence of Ace and co., taken prisoner by the villains in the finale but is rescued by Mark.[