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Name Kilobyte

The Cyber Stalker (preferred title), Bytey-Baby, New Boss (by Dirty Rat), Overgrown Octopus (once by Lord Fear)

Species Mutant Humanoid Octopus
Affiliation The Carnival of Doom, Rick Hummel.
Gender Male
Age Unknown, at least three months.
Abilities Super strong, Octopus tentacles, can drain a character's energy, upgrade characters and mutate other beings.
Weaknesses Can be weakened when exposed to bright lights.
Voice Actor Ted Atherton

Kilobyte is a main antagonist, introduced in the second season. He is known as the Cyber Stalker, created by the Master Programmer Rick Hummel to destroy the Lightning Knights and conquer the world for him.

He is first controlled by Rick's programming, creating a series of plans to watch Ace Lightning destroy himself with unstable human emotions. He is eventually freed from Rick's control and decides to wipe out mankind and rule the world on his own.



Concept Art

In Kilobyte's concept art he looked rather different to his final outcome.  He appeared as a tall pale muscular man with thick black hair, he wore a aqua blue armoured suit, with huge grey shoulder pads shaped like skulls with snake fangs. Kilobyte's arms were covered in the same colour of armour as his chest but he had brown armour that covered his forearms. Kilobyte had pale bony hands with black finger nails. On his knees he wore huge skull-shaped knee pads similar to the ones on his sholders. On his feet he wore huge brown motorcyclist boots with black laces. The feet of his boots have metal-like feet with sharp toe nail-like ends similar to Kilobyte's final design. Lastly he had six tentacles. This character design went by the name of Scrambler.

Altered Design

After several alterations to his design, Kilobyte appears as a tall, bald muscular man designed too look about 40-45 years old. He wears a dark and light grey muscle suit made up of armour. He has a number of black tattoos patterned across his head, designed in various shapes and sizes. Kilobyte has a pair of long, pale,hands, with long dirty black finger nails. He has a very grim set of expressions and black eyes that on some occasions seem to crackle with electricity. His signature trademark are four dark green octopus tentacles with red suction cuffs that extend from out of his back and appear to have no limits in length.


Kilobyte is a cold, calm and merciless figure whose only focused goal is to destroy Ace Lightning, and takes great pleasure in making Ace suffer. He also later gains the goal of collecting the pieces of the Amulet of Zoar in order to increase his forces. He is very intelligent and strategic, finding use even for Rotgut, seeing him useful unlike Lord Fear. He dislikes defeat but takes it more calmly than Lord Fear, although at times he can be aggressive if defeated. He is also very observant, noting when the Lightning Knights are using upgrades against Lord Fear. He shows affection towards Fred his giant wasp pet and some care towards Lady Illusion.

Upon his release from Rick's control, he becomes more emotional and twice as merciless, proclaiming that his goal is to conquer the world himself, and comes across as more psychotic. He also thinks even less of his fellow villains, humiliating Lord Fear and physically abusing Dirty Rat and Pigface tossing them all over the carnival with his tenticles. He laughs in a very melodramatic way.


Kilobyte's full power seems to be in his tentacles. They are capable of restraining powerful characters like Anvil, Random Virus and Ace, and can easily throw a person around or harm them.

The tentacle's main ability involves them draining a person of their energy, whether they are human or from the Sixth Dimension. Anvil has his energy completely drained, causing him to fade away back to his resting item. They have also been shown to be able to upgrade characters, as demonstrated when Kilobyte upgraded Lady Illusion with a new explosive orb with the power to give Ace human emotions. Normal creatures can take on Kilobyte's immense power and can mutate, as seen with Fred, an ordinary wasp before he stung Kilobyte, drained his power and grew about 1000 times bigger and became Kilobyte's pet. Kilobyte mostly uses Fred for transpor (however in "Putting it Together" it's implied that Rick had designed a giant wasp to serve Kilobyte and this data was transferred into Fred when the insect stung Kilobyte, meaning this isn't something Kilobyte could do to any creature)


  • Ace Lightning: Kilobyte sees Ace as a hunter sees his prey, often referring to their ongoing battle as a hunt. He considers Ace as a worthy foe, but often taunts him and looks down upon him. He thinks of generally nothing more than to destroy Ace, all of his actions circling around his desire to kill Ace. He can be merciful towards Ace, allowing him to surrender in exchange for Ashley Hollander's life. Upon being free from Rick's control, Kilobyte moves his sights on conquering Earth, although his goal to destroy Ace is still a high priority.
  • Lord Fear: Kilobyte and Lord Fear are at odds with eachother throughout the season, Kilobyte removing Lord Fear as leader of the Carnival of Doom, claiming him of being corrupted by the human world. Lord Fear is often criticized and insulted by Kilobyte, referred to as a "feeble worm" on several occasions, and by the end of the series is literally kicked around by Kilobyte. However, Kilobyte is aware of Lord Fear's power and title as the "Master of Fear" and to some extent sees his potential as a powerful ally, asking him to bring Ace to the carnival for his death.
  • Lady Illusion: Aside from Fred, Lady Illusion is the only other character who is treated humanely by Kilobyte, treating with respect and elegance. Kilobyte seems to display some form of affection towards Lady Illusion, stroking her face with one of his tentacles when she hands him the sixth piece of the Amulet. However, Kilobyte warns Lady Illusion that if she betrayed him for Ace, she would be destroyed as a result. Kilobyte is aware of her relationship with Ace and uses that in his plans, and also is aware of her rivalry with Sparx, exclaiming that he could finish her off in his own leisure.
  • Rick Hummel: Rick created Kilobyte to be the ultimate weapon and villain, as shown in Kilobyte's power. Kilobyte shows hatred towards Rick for controlling him, but finds his knowledge and technology useful, twisting Rick's idea of glory into one of eliminating mankind.
  • Dirty Rat: Kilobyte treats Dirty Rat as his subordinate, the rat often flying behind Kilobyte. However, he is abusive towards Dirty Rat, calling him "Rodent" or "Rat", and punching him with the back of his fist in a running gag. Dirty Rat clearly fears Kilobyte, siding with him immediately after his arrival and calls him "Bytey Baby" as a nickname.
  • Fred: Kilobyte creates Fred to be his transport. A giant mutant wasp, Fred stung Kilobyte's tentacle as an ordinary wasp, taking on his powers and mutating into his present form. Kilobyte is very affectionate towards Fred, helping him through his mutation, often petting him and acting quite humanely towards him. He is shown to casually summon Fred to merely just spend some time with him.


Season 2

After Lord Fear's defeat in Game Over, Rick Hummel moved to Conestoga Hills, opening Rick's Computer Shack as a guise whilst he moved his mainframe containing the Sixth Dimension into the store's backroom. There, Rick designed Kilobyte and Fred.

After Lord Fear's return in the opening of the second season, Rick sent out Kilobyte. Kilobyte emerged from the Kent Bros. Carnival's new ferris wheel and was greeted by Duff Kent, who immediately was unimpressed by Kilobyte's demeanour. Kilobyte then hid in the shadows, observing Ace, Lord Fear and others characters, before proclaiming that Ace would be a worthy enemy to hunt and destroy. Kilobyte further observed Ace speaking with Random Virus before deciding it was time to reveal himself.

Kilobyte fully appeared in A Secret Life, emerging from the ferris wheel and confronting Lord Fear, Lady Illusion and Dirty Rat. Declaring Lord Fear weak, Kilobyte announced his leadership over the Carnival of Doom. Anvil challenged Kilobyte's authority, but was attacked by the Cyber Stalker and drained of his energy, Dirty Rat immediately accepting Kilobyte as his new boss. That night, Kilobyte summoned Lady Illusion and upgraded her to give Ace human emotions and destroy him from the inside-out, deciding to make Ace's defeat as slow and painful as possible.

Ace and Kilobyte have their first confrontation in Welcome To The Nightmare, Kilobyte strangling Ace with his tentacle. Forced to flee, Ace escapes to a Friendship Farm where Mark Hollander and Chuck Mugel coincidentally are at. Kilobyte follows in the Dairy Wagon with Duff Kent, Dirty Rat and Rotgut, who he even finds use for. Kilobyte orders Duff to retrieve a wasp from a nearby beehive, and allows the wasp to sting him. This causes the wasp to mutate into a giant mutant who Kilobyte oddly names Fred, and uses him to fight and defeat Ace, prompting him to fear him. Kilobyte briefly recruits Random to his side, capturing Ace and Mark and holds them prisoner in the junkyard, until Chuck and Sparx arrive and save the two, Random turning on Kilobyte.

Kilobyte shows a fear of bright lights, but this does not stop him from collecting the hidden pieces of the Amulet via Rick's instructions. He also awards Lord Fear with the Doom Wagon when the villain convinced Mr. Cheseborough to help defeat Ace. It was around that point that Ace developed intuition and believed that Kilobyte was under the control of someone else.

Mark and Chuck found a file of Kilobyte and Fred's programming, and discovered that Rick was behind Kilobyte's creation and created the Sixth Dimension as well. Rick inserts a floppy disk containing upgrades to Kilobyte's programme to make him unstoppable, but a blackout causes Rick's connection to Kilobyte to be cut. Now free, Kilobyte contacts Rick and declares him his slave, now psychotically hellbent on conquering the world single-handed.

Kilobyte begins his master plan to conquer the world with the elimination of the Lightning Knights and their allies. He first targets Random, defeating him in the junkyard and imprisoning him in the carnival. He then leads an attack on the high school to catch Mr. Cheseborough and Rick. While Rick escapes, Mr. Cheseborough is caught and imprisoned in the Sixth Dimension. Rick is caught soon afterwards and suffers the same fate as Mr. Cheseborough.

In the final episode, Kilobyte gathers the villains except Lord Fear and Staff Head in the junkyard and reveals his master plan: To imprison all of humanity in the Sixth Dimension and replace them as commanders of Earth, attacking the humans who visit the carnival to imprison them. Sparx and Kat Adams are also captured before the battle. Kilobyte visits Lord Fear and orders him to lure Ace to the carnival to be destroyed. However, Lord Fear goes to Ace and reveals Kilobyte's plans, arranging an alliance between him and Ace.

The night of the final battle arrives, although Kilobyte and Dirty Rat avoid battle whilst Ace and Lord Fear defeat his followers. Kilobyte located Mark and gained the final piece of the Amulet. As he was about to kill Mark, Ace (really Lady Illusion in disguise) and Lord Fear arrive, and with Mark, the three blast him with their combined attacks. Kilobyte is horrified by Lord Fear's betrayal, and is blasted into the Sixth Dimension, moments before Lord Fear mortally wounds Lady Illusion and seemingly kills her. Kilobyte appears in Googler's Big Top alongside the imprisoned Rick, coldly demanding Rick to help him leave the dimension and return to the Carnival of Doom.


  • Scrambler's design was so complex that the TV show's budget could not afford it. Therefore Scrambler's name was changed to "Kilobyte", and his design was edited, making him look more like a bald, tatooed man, in knight's armour. In the final outcome Kilobyte kept his tenticals, only they were turned from aqua blue to dark green, and he only had four tentacles instead of six.
  • Like most of the animated charaters, Kilobyte is undoubtedly based on a classic comic book villian. With his status as an insane villian, and his octopus tenticals, Kilobyte is possibly based on Doctor Octopus from the old Spider-man comics.