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Kilobyte Bites Back
Series 02, Episode 12
Air Date May 13, 2005 on BBC
Previous Putting It Together
Next The Master Plan

Kilobyte Bites Back is the twelfth episode of the second series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on May 13, 2005 on BBC.


Rick gets Chuck and Jessica's help to destroy Kilobyte using the school's computer lab, but Kilobyte finds them and stops their plan. Kat is writing a story about the mutants at the carnival for the school newspaper. Kilobyte begins eliminating the Lightning Knights by destroying Random Virus


  • This episode is part 1, of the final, of the Ace Lightning T.V. series.
  • In the junkyard, when Kilobyte is calling for Random Virus, he is in fact copying Ace's word's, form the Episode,"Game Over."