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Name Mark Hollander
Nicknames Kid, Mark (by the Lightning Knights), Pathetic Sidekick, Mortal (by the Carnival of Doom).
Affiliation The Lightning Knights
Gender Male
Abilities Computer whizz, Skateboarder, Tree Climber, Cyclist, Expert at Ace Lightning, Soccer Player.
Weaknesses His life as a hero clashes with his social life.
Age 13-15
Actor Tom Wansey

Mark Hollander (Thomas Wansey): The main protagonist and point of view character, Mark is a 13-year-old British teenager who moves to Conestoga Hill in the United States with his parents. His life is turned upside-down when a bolt of lightning strikes his house, and the characters from his game come to life.

He reluctantly agrees to be a sidekick to Ace Lightning, whom he develops a strong, trusting friendship with. Mark wears the central piece of the Amulet of Zoar as a necklace. He juggles the two sides to his life, which has severe effects on his grades and social life. He wants to return to normality, but displays bravery and daring around the villains.

He is best friends with Pete Burgess, his friend who remains in the UK, and is good friends with Chuck Mugel since he arrived in the states.

He dates Samantha Thompson through half the first season, and then Heather Hoffs, but both break up with him due to his constant excuses when running off to help Ace. In the second season, he falls in love with Kat Adams, but remains on good terms with Samantha. He lacks superpowers, but gains his own arm-mounted gauntlet which can fire out lightning



Mark has no super powers in the show's first season. In the second he gains a gauntlet that shoots lightning bolts nicknamed the Super Glove of Doom by fans.


Chuck Mugel

Come to see Mark and help him with his game to come in Mark's bedroom.

Ace Lightining

Ace say to Mark you find other pace of the amulet.