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Video Games

PC Game and Playstation 2 Game

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Released in 2002, they are essentially the same game, with a few minor alterations to the Playstation 2 game. Both are 3D action/adventure games that require the play to make their way through four different 'worlds' before facing the final boss (Lord Fear).

Gameboy Advance

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Unlike the other two, this game is a 2D side-scrolling game, and the player makes their way through a series of levels rather than worlds.


Official Guide Book

Ace Lightning Activity Book

Ace Lightning Yearbook

Contained the official comic adaptation of the first episode; The Game Begins.

VHS Tapes

Ace Lightning: Episodes 1-3

Ace Lightning: Episodes 4-7


Ace Lightning: Episodes 1-7


In 2001, AAC Kids made a line of toys to help push views of the show. oddly enough, some sets were only sold in Australia.

In 2002, KFC launched a line of "press and go" toys. These included most of the characters from season 1.