Ace Lightning Wiki
Name Mr. DeCutt
Nicknames None
Species Human
Affiliation Conestoga Hills High School
Gender Male
Age Unknown, 30's-40's
Abilities Driver's Ed teacher, has a sense of humour.
Weaknesses Wrapped up in his own humour.
Actor Unknown

Mr. DeCutt is the Driver's Ed teacher at Conestoga Hills High School. A humourous man with a mature personality, Mr. DeCutt sees driving as a privilege and takes driving lessons very seriously, despite his sense of humour.

Mr. DeCutt.

Character Description

Mr. DeCutt is an African-American man, having short black hair, a mustache and an unshaven chin. In his one-time appearance he wears a blue shirt, tie and trousers. He has a comical and self-satisfying sense of humour that leaves his students rather clueless and unsure of how to react, and he can come off as a charming person. However, he is serious and stern when it comes to driving lessons, believing that it not a right to drive but a privilege. He refers to his students as "D.I.T.S." (Drivers In Training Safety).

Mr. DeCutt only appears in Bound To Fail, greeting his Driver's Ed class, which included Mark Hollander, Kat Adams, Heather Hoffs, and Wayne Fisgus. After some bantering, Mr. DeCutt reveals Mark is the first student that will have their driving test. Wayne laughs at this, and then Mr. DeCutt flatly announces that Wayne is the second.

Mr. DeCutt and Wayne are later seen awaiting for Mark to arrive for his driving test. Mark nearly runs into Mr. DeCutt, due to him fleeing from Horace Cheseborough who was in allegiance with Lord Fear at the time. The driving test goes according to plan, Mark impressing Mr. DeCutt with his sensible driving skills. However, Lord Fear races towards the test car in the newly created Doom Wagon. In a panic, Mark puts the medal to the pedal and races down the road with Lord Fear and Dirty Rat in pursuit. Oblivious to Lord Fear, Mr. DeCutt fights Mark for control of the car but Mark accidentally knocks him in the face. Mr. DeCutt covers himself in protection as Dirty Rat hops on top of the car and tries to bomb it, but is knocked off the car to collide with a road sign when Mark stops the car.

After the car chase, Mark returns the car to the school. A frazzled Mr. DeCutt is left speechless, but while he compliments Mark's driving skills, he ultimately fails him, much to Mark's surprise.