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Nobody's Hero
Series 01, Episode 12
Air Date Sep 19, 2002 on BBC
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Nobody's Hero is the 12th episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Sep 19, 2002 on BBC.


Mark's life is hitting rock bottom. His grades are dropping rapidly, his parents ground him, he is having problems with Samantha and Ace accidentally crushes Mr. Cheseborough's car.

And worst of all, Ace has found another piece of the Amulet but Anvil is guarding it. Lord Fear starts to stalk Mark and eventually captures him. Ace saves Mark and the new piece of the Amulet summons Sparx from the game. However, Sparx makes fun of Mark and he quits right there. But will Ace and Sparx have smaller chances of winning the war without Mark?