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Only Human
Series 01, Episode 07
Air Date Sep 11, 2002 on BBC
Previous Opposite Attraction
Next Behind the Mask

Only Human is the seventh episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Sep 11, 2002 on BBC.


Dirty Rat digs up a piece of the Amulet of Zoar, which he presents to Lord Fear, who praises him and joins it to his own piece to summon Googler. This new villain is a clown-like mutant who had previously been imprisoned by Ace in White-Hot Oblivion and happily agrees to help Lord Fear get rid of him.

Meanwhile Samantha is teaching Mark to play baseball when Chuck shows up eating an ice cream cone which he got from the ice cream truck. Figuring the evils are up to something, Mark goes to investigate and when he gets near the truck is attacked by Anvil. Ace shows up and blasts him, but it seemed suspicious like Anvil wanted to be blasted. Suddenly Googler appears now that Ace has been lured out and has his puppets bite the hero before escaping. Ace explains to Mark that Googler is one of his most fearsome enemies from back in the sixth Dimension and they should deal with him as soon as Ace goes to power up.

Things won't be that simple, however; Ace quickly finds he can't fly, and when he tries to power up he's hurt rather than strengthened. With a shock he realizes the bite of Googler's puppets has turned him into a human. Ace meets Mark disguised as a security guard and explains the situation to him. Ace is convinced he's useless without his powers, but begins to wonder after Samantha gets stuck in a tree fort after the ladder falls to the ground and Mark climbs up and fixes the ladder with just a little help from Chuck. Dirty Rat lures Ace away, and when Mark tries to follow Googler captures him.

Mark wakes up on a dunk game at the carnival, but if he falls into the ball pit he's above Googler's puppets will eat him alive. Ace shows up and demands Googler and Dirty Rat leave Mark alone, he's the one they want. They taunt him, since they have no reason to let Mark go and there's nothing Ace can do to save him without his powers. Unfortunately for the villains, Ace realizes how much the support of friends matters and it restores his powers, allowing him to blast open the ball pit just as Mark falls in. The two villains retreat.

In the Haunted House, Lord Fear gets angry at Googler for his puppets blaming each other for failing to destroy Ace and blasts him. Mark monologues that perhaps the power of friendship is the strongest super-power of them all.


  • In this epsiode Googler make his dubut.
  • It is seen that Googler's morping item is the puppet theatre booth near the Haunted House.