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Opposite Attraction
Series 01, Episode 06
Air Date Sep 10, 2002 on BBC
Previous There's No Place Like Home
Next Only Human

Opposite Attraction is the sixth episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Sep 10, 2002 on BBC.


Pete reveals, on a recorded message, good news to Mark that he has got a girlfriend and tells Mark he can give him some tips about getting girls, claiming that you have to 'play it cool', to pay attention to them when they are talking and look really interested. Then Pete relates relationships with video games saying you don't know when they are going to end, Mark agrees.

Meanwhile, Lady Illusion is suffering 'Cabin Fever' saying that she misses prison in the 6th Dimension and wants to get out of their current world. Lord Fear uses her anger as an oppurtunity to compliment how much he loves it and then reminds her of the rules. Just as Lord Fear finishes explaining, Pigface passes by letting out gas wich he cannot help. Lady Illusion takes out her anger upon him, hurting his feelings as he confesses he can't help possesing a bad smell before walking away to cry.

Lord Fear defending Pigface explains softly to his lady that she has hurt his feelings and says Pigface's powers will be useful in another dimension. Lady Illusion loses patience and desires for action, she walks away from the haunted house and teleports herself to the exit of the carnival. Lord Fear begs for her not to leave him and claims they are programmed to be together. Lady Illusion morphs into a dog wearing a peice of the amulet on her neck and runs off in her disguise. However Ace Lightning comes out of hiding in the ticket booth and becomes suspicious of the 'runaway dog'.

At the school, it is lunch break and Mark and Chuck are talking about fried pigs. Chuck claims Mark's fried pigs breakfast to be sick in the negative context. Chuck asks Mrs. Kutcher what she has cooked whom replies with a pun that she has cooked French food. Chuck in enthusiastic to try this French cuisine. Mark asks what is in the food but is told that if it was revealed it would not be a surprise. Suddenly Mrs. Kutcher turns around the sneeze, bending over forward when she does. Coincidentally, Mark has spotted a basket of buns nearby and he says they look nice and that he'd like a grab of one. Unfortunately for him, Mrs. Kutcher belives Mark was talking about her bottom. Chuck also convinced tells Mark how sick it really is, then grabs a bun from the same basket and leaves to find a table. Mark takes another bun without a word and goes with Chuck.

Chuck is enjoying the french food as he eats and drinks at a rapid pace. Mark reminds Chuck to chew then swallow, however Chuck can't resist to eat the way he does because it rocks. Mark recives a message to call Ace as soon as possible. Mark asks Smanatha if he can borrow her phone to make the phone call and is permitted. Samantha asks Mark what he is doing after school and wants to go roller blading with him. Mark accepts the invitation and Heather begins to question Samantha about dating Mark which is denied, being reminded that she broke up with Brett an hour ago. Heather asks if she can come, Samantha says she can if she wants but tries to advise her about something until Heather guesses Mark doesn't want the 'date' ruined.

Mark is on his way to find privacy to make a phone call but sees Mr. Cheseborough scolding another student and so he backs into the room he was previously in. Mark phones Ace finding out that Ace is inside the school toilets, after a few questions working out it is the male toilets. Mark tells Ace he will reach him and then proceeds along the corridor relived Mr. Cheseborough is no longer there. Ace is curious about the equipment in the male toilets and activates the blow dry, knocking it off the wall in shock. Just then Mark enters unaware of Ace's vandelisim until he trips up upon it. Mark tries to put it back on the wall as if nothing happened and sucseeds. He then asks what Lord Fear has done but finds out that Lady Illusion is out and about on her own. Ace requests weapons in order to face her however Mark can't upload them. Just then the bell goes off and Mr. Cheseborough, passing by, overhears Mark talking to Ace and enters. Mark, suprised, sees Mr. Cheseborough and acts normal. He is questioned what he is doing in the toilets, however Mark makes somewhat a joke out of it. But Mr. Cheseborough is not impressed and reminds Mak that he is no longer in England but in America. Mark is questioned about who he was talking to and Mark says he was thinking out loud. Mark uses thoughts as an excuse to leave and dashes off back to the lunch room. Ace leaves the room through the window only just lucky enough not to be seen, but being paranoid, Mr. Cheseborough bumps into the blow dry and it lands on his foot. He hops around in rage blaming Hollander for the damage.

Mark has been absent for so long that Chuck has seemingly eaten half of Mark's lunch. Samantha arrives and notices Chuck doesn't seem too well. Mark gives Samantha her phone back, she asks about the roller blade 'date' and Chuck asks if he can come. Samantha goes to order him not to turn up but tries to sound less eager to be alone with Mark. Chuck is not turned around. Feeling awkward, Samantha leaves. Mark decides to ask Chuck to keep Samantha busy whilst he 'helps a friend who is having girl troubles'. Chuck belives he can get Samantha to fall for him when she sees his scooter moves.

Meanwhile at the Carnival, Dirty Rat is reporting to Lord Fear about the lost Lady Illusion. Rat tells Lord Fear that there is both good and bad news, he says the bad news is the loss of their peice of the amulet as it was with her and there is no good news, it was just used to make the situation sound less awful than it was. Lord Fear looses it and decides it is time to send the single veichled search party out to find her.


Pete Burgess

Mark Hollander

Samantha Thompson

Lady Illusion

Lord Fear

Staff Head


Ace Lightning

Chuck Mugel

Nettie Kutcher

Heather Hoffs

Horace Cheseborough

Dirty Rat

Brett Ramirez (cameo)


  • This is the first episode when we officially discover a romance between Ace and Lady Illusion.
  • This episodes could be the debut of Mark's relationship with Samantha.
  • Unless Dirty Rat was creating a pun, it could be that Lord Fear has anger issues due to the mention of 'Anger Managment Tapes'.


  • The school bell for the end of lunch break rings when Mark is in the school toilets, however he goes back to the lunch room where everyone is still eating lunch as if it is still lunch break.