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Name Pigface
Nicknames Piggy (by Dirty Rat), Porcine one (by Lord Fear) and various meat-related puns (by Ace)
Species Mutant Pig/Boar/Warthog
Affiliation The Carnival of Doom
Gender Male
Age 12
Abilities Can digest any materials, good sense of smell, can project a blast of snot from his nostrils.
Weaknesses Easily distracted by food and easily defeated by lightning bolts.
Voice Actor Keith Knight

Pigface is a recurring villain affiliated with the Carnival of Doom, and one of Ace Lightning's most commonly fought enemies. He appears as a bad mannered and grotesque mutant pig creature with the ability to digest anything, whether it be organic or inorganic. He morphs into a trash can painted to look like him.


Pigface resembles a humanoid pig of some species, most likely either a warthog or a wild boar. He has an overlarge, peach-coluored head with small pointed ears, red eyes that have yellow and black irises, a bright pink snout with yellow tusks protruding from each side and a large mouth filled with small crooked teeth and a massive tongue. He has a rotund body with large muscular arms with fat fingered hands on the end. He has fat stumpy legs with cloven feet. He wears a red and yellow striped vest and muddy jeans that have been poorly stitched back together. Pigface has a tiny, curled silver tail poking out of the back of his jeans witch resembles a bed spring . His jeans are held up by a belt with a silver skull shape on the buckle similar to that of Lord Fear's sholder pads. Pigface was redesigned slightly in Season 2 to look more pig-like, e.g. reformed snout, neck and ears.


Pigface's life revolves around food and eating, often stating how hungry he is on the status of his appetite. He is very much willing to eat anything to please his appetite, whether it is organic or inorganic. It has been hinted that Pigfaace particularly enjoys eating sugar-based food, and will raid The Kent Bros. Carnival's trashcans to find food. It is hinted that he may eat things alive, commenting multiple times on how he will eat the Lightning Knights. Pigface is not very intelligent, generally having the same intelligence as Anvil. He speaks in third person and when in a discussion, it will often turn into a talk about food. Pigface is aware of his weight and greedy appetite, and is shown to be sensitive when people criticize either. He can be quickly angered, particularly by Ace Lightning's wisecracks, and may attack an opponent in blind rage or out of sheer stupidity. Pigface is particularly disgusting and has a number of bad habits. He passes wind a lot, belches loudly, and on one occasion, picks his nose. Pigface is also aware of these bad habits, claiming that he cannot help it if he smells bad, but in the second season, he seems to display more concern regarding his habits, apologising several times when he belches.


Pigface's primary trademark ability is his ability to digest anything, whether it is organic or inorganic. He has been shown to be able to eat anything from golf clubs to chemical test beakers and even judge their taste as well. Again, it has been hinted that he eats people live, but it has never been demonstrated. He also possesses quite impressive strength and agility for someone with his weight, capable of pulling a vending machine off a wall, and can match Ace's strength at times. In the video games, he can run at a fast speed and outrun Ace in the process. He has a good sense of smell, capable of identifying Lightning Knights and humans, and can easily sniff out sources of food, although his sense of smell has led him into misfortunes, such as running into the electrical circuitry in Mark's House. In the second season, Pigface is upgraded with an ability to fire projectile blasts of snot from his nose, which is capable of draining an opponent of their energy, as well as paralyze them. It appeared that this attack was created via a chemical made by Horace Cheseborough but this is not the case. In the Gameboy Advance version of the game, Pigface can spit out a blast of green slime from his mouth (although drinking the formula is most likely what allows the snot blast to neutralize the Lightning Knights' energy). Aside from Rotgut and Dirty Rat, Pigface appears to be the weakest member of the Carnival of Doom, often getting defeated by the Lightning Knights and may run straight into the firing line of their electrical attacks. When asleep in his trash can form, Pigface still appears to be active, belching on several occasions when passersby have dropped garbage into the bin.


Pigface and Anvil appear to be friends, as they are often seen together during the later episodes of both seasons. This is most likely owing to their mutual limited intelligence and preference for brute force. In the video games they fight against Ace together.
Pigface is often seen in the company of Dirty Rat, Dirty Rat seemingly enjoying the pig's company most of time but dislikes his dissgusting, getting infuriated when Pigface decides to eat a cake and he is then glued to a wall by Pigface's snot projectile attack to witness Pigface eating said cake. Dirty Rat refers to Pigfacr as "Piggy" on occasions. Dirty Rat often uses Pigface as a shield when fighting against Ace, often retreating when Pigface is defeated.
Pigface seems to be relatively loyal to Lord Fear, usually obeying him. Lord Fear dislikes Pigface's bad habits too, but keeps him around under the belief that his abilities will be useful once the Amulet of Zoar's pieces are gathered. Lord Fear is willing to torture Pigface in order to get him to accomplish a task.
Pigface is a recurring enemy for Ace, who seems to take pleasure in cracking jokes regarding Pigface's weight, appetite and just being a pig. Pigface is also the most common victim of Ace's attacks, and on one occasion was ridden like a bull by Ace during a battle. Several of Ace's insults have included "Hogmeat", "Anyone for a wiener roast?", "Time for that little piggy to go home", and "I could go for a little back bacon myself."
Pigface is occasionally seen with Duff, Duff capable of putting up with Pigface but is often annoyed by the latter's cravings for food. Pigface often eats the ice cream in the Dairy Wagon, much to Duff's irritation. Duff may refer to Pigface as "Rump Roast".


Pre-Season One

Prior to the first season, Pigface was known to be in alleigance with Lord Fear already. He battled Ace in the Haunted House alongside Anvil, Lord Fear and Lady Illusion, but was ultimately defeated and sent to imprison in the Sixth Dimension. Lady Illusion eventually broke Lord Fear and Pigface out, and the villains stole the Amulet and returned to the Carnival of Doom. Lord Fear used the Amulet to open a portal to Conestoga Hills, Pigface accompanying him through it with Ace is pursuit.

Season One

Pigface appeared from the game with most of the rest of the villains when lightning struck Mark Hollander's satellite dish while playing the Ace Lightning game. Upon arrival, Pigface immediately desired food, and accompanied Lord Fear and co. to The Kent Bros. Carnival which he approved of as their new home, commenting on smelling lots of garbage. Pigface met his first defeat at Ace's hands at the end of the first episode, but returned from then on battle him and the other Lightning Knights. Pigface also seemed to form a desire to eat Mark, often pursuing him to achieve the goal. Pigface assisted Lady Illusion during her attempt to steal Mark's piece of the Amulet whilst disguised as Mr. Cheseborough. However, he instead ate some mash potato left out by Nettie Kutcher, facing the dinner lady's wrath, before retreating with Lady Illusion. Despite the defeat, Pigface was pleased that he was no longer hungry, much to Lord Fear's anger. Pigface mistook Chuck Mugel for Ace on Halloween when the latter wore a costume of the superhero, but then pursued Chuck in order to eat the candy he possessed at the time.

Pigface assisted Lord Fear, Staff Head and Dirty Rat raid Mark's house, but electrocuted himself. However, unlike the other three villains who got involved in problematic situations (e.g. Lord Fear got stuck in the chimney, Staff Head got left behind by the villains when they left, and Dirty Rat was electrocuted in a television set), Pigface attacked a Jamaican pizza delivery man and then spent the rest of the venture raiding the man's pizza truck, being the only villain to come out pleased.

In the last episodes of the first season, Pigface joined Dirty Rat's rebellion against Lord Fear, pursuing his leader with Duff who wielded a pitchfork. But, he rejoined Lord Fear when he gained the fully restored Amulet. Pigface battled Ace in the final battle, but was defeated by him until aided by Lord Fear. Pigface was defeated and sent back to the Sixth Dimension when Mark located and broke the Amulet.

Season Two

Pigface returned in the later half of the second season, when Kilobyte and Dirty Rat unearthed a piece of the Amulet in the backyard of Mark's house. Upgraded both physically and in abilities, Pigface attacked Ace and Sparx at the Thunder Tower, armed with the energy-draining chemical Mr. Cheseborough had created for Lord Fear to destroy Ace. However, the fight quickly ended when Sparx tackles him in the stomach, causing him to spray Kilobyte with snot and is then defeated by Ace. Pigface attempted to play golf with Lord Fear, but after missing a hole, he angrily snapped his golf club in two, ate it, and then sprayed the carnival's golf course in snot. He later fought Mark but was defeated when Mark switched on the carnival's twister ride, hitting Pigface and sending him flying through the air.

Pigface played a part in Kilobyte's master plan to remove humans from Earth and trap them in the Sixth Dimension. He and Dirty Rat went to Conestoga Hills High School to capture Mr. Cheseborough, but Pigface instead became interested in devouring a huge cake Mr. Cheseborough had made for an alien abduction support group meeting. Pigface later fought Ace from inside a rubbish skip, with his snot, but he was defeated with Ace's Flame upgrade. In the last episode, Pigface was among the villains who were present when Kilobyte announced his master plan. He asked if he could eat the humans, but Kilobyte commented that it was too "quick and painless" to eat the humans. Pigface attacked several people during the fight in the carnival, until he attacked Mark, Brett Ramirez and Heather Hoffs. Pigface fired a snot attack at the three, but while Mark and Brett ducked, Heather was covered in the slime. Mark then blasted Pigface with his wrist cannon, sending Pigface back to the Sixth Dimension again. The sliming of Heather resulted in Brett dumping her.

In the cancelled third season, Pigface was trapped in the Sixth Dimension but was to have been freed by Lord Fear's use of Mr. Cheseborough's technology.


  • Pigface was voiced by Keith Knight, an actor best known for the film Meatballs. He passed away in 2007 after dying from brain cancer.
  • Pigface's concept art was seen in the first season, showing him to be more shorter is size and having black hair.