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Putting It Together
Series 02, Episode 11
Air Date May 11, 2005 on BBC
Previous Rotgut Rides Again
Next Kilobyte Bites Back

Putting It Together is the 11th episode of the second series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on May 11, 2005 on BBC.


The episode opens in Mark's bedroom on a dark and stormy night. Mark records a message for Pete explaining that, Chuck had hacked into an incripted database about Ace Lightning. Chuck had downloaded it onto a Floppy Disk, to have a better look at it. Mabye, it can explain where Kilobyte came from, or who created him. Mark ended his message, sent it, and left the house for Rick's Computer Shack. However as Mark left his Computer, a message flashed up. The message reading, "Message not sent. Beware the darkness!"

Meanwhile at Rick's Computer Shack, Chuck was inserting a floppy disk into a near by computer. The screen turned blue and millions of files revealed themselves. Making sure that Rick, was in his "Fortress of Sollitude", and didn't notice his activities, he proceeded.

Mark then joined him, and the two discovered a file containing, Kilobyte and Fred's design programme's. After nearly getting found out by Rick, several times, they found many files on Kilobyte, in the form of clips. As they discovered the files they played the clips in the order that follows:

  • Kilobyte's origins: Kilobyte's first appearance, his morping item, (the Ferris Wheel).
  • Kilobye/Lord Fear: Kilobyte revealing himself to the other villians, insulting Anvil and demonstrating his powers by draining his energy. Kilobyte claimed he was, "Returning his power to It's rightful owner". The energy drain caused Anvil to be sent back to his morping item.
  • Kilobyte/Lord Fear: Lord Fear lost his temper, and blasted Kilobyte across the Carnival with Staff Head. Kilobyte returned moments later and strangled them both, lifted them high in the air with his tenticals, and finaly dropped them into a hole on the mini-golf course (slimed earlyer by Pigface)
  • Fred: At Friendship Farm, Duff brought Kilobyte a wasp from a near by wasp hive. Kilobyte's tentical reached out of the Dairy Wagon, allowing the wasp to sting him. It then skipped ahead to when Kilobyte had mutated the wasp with his powers. He anounced that the, was was named "Fred". Dirty Rat inquired what "Fred" was going to eat, Kilobyte didn't know. But maybe Fred liked to eat Rat's. Dirty Rat was terrorfied to hear this.
  • Lady Illusion: On the night Kilobyte took control of the Carnival, he Upgraded Lady Illusion with a new fire orb attack, giving the victim human emotions. He then told her that she, "played by his rules", from this moment forward.
  • Ace Emotions file: Chuck was testing out the "Super Glove of Doom", in the Carnival, at daytime. Ace acidently blasted him, knocking him out. It then skipped to when Mark turned up, to help. He wondered out loud what Lord Fear, did to him. Ace admited that it wasn,t Fear, but it was Him. Chuck then awoke, Mark relived that his best friend was not dead. Ace admited that it was his own fault, and that he "Couldnt control his anger."

Rick had left the store hours ago and left the door to his "Fortress of Solitude", unlocked. Chuck noticed this and informed Mark, that there could be more secrets to Kilobyte's programming inside.

Inside they found a huge back room to the store. The room was in total darkness, but they could see a huge Mainframe Computer. It had three screens, several hard drives, three key boards, a lot web cams and a joystick with a key pad.

Chuck was in the pride of his life, seeing this huge "Mega Console", and commented their must have been "a billion gigs in here!" He also mentioned that, "you could run the whole world from here!". Mark thought, aloud, "Or, you could create a world".

Mark went back into the front room of the store to eject the floppy disk, with the clips on it. Chuck sat in the swively chair and activated the huge masterpiece. Mark inserted the disk, and the three screens showed a message. The message read, "Ace Lightning comes to life." Chuck then hacked into the programme, and discovered, clips from the last series of Ace Lightning. He then found more clips from the current series, in the order that follows:

  • Ace Emotins's file: Ace, outside The Haunted House, was outraged and tugging on Dirty Rat's tail. He was demanding what, "The Freaks", did to him. Dirty Rat, explained that it was Lady Illusion, she gave him human emotions, "Her direct orders from Kilobyte." Lady Illusion turned up just then and launched a fire orb at Ace. The orb pinned Ace to the back of the Dairy Wagon, and four tenticals climed out of the door and drained Ace's energy. Ace fought off the tenticals by blasting them with lightning.
  • At Friendship Farm, Fred, Kilobyte on his back, was chacing Mark and Kat on Quad Bikes. Ace zoomed over, and demanded that they leave his friends alone. Kilobyte laughed coldly, and Fred batted him to the ground with his tail. Ace crash landed in a barn on the way down.
  • The next clip was, of Kilobyte trapped in the Datastream. Only his head was visible, and he was screaming for someone to let him out of the computer.
  • Mark: Ace and Mark were trapped in the junkyard, Anvil and Random guarding them. Kilobyte turned up and attempted to drain Mark's "energy". Rondom's good side then took over and switched on some car head lights. Kilobyte stopped draining Mark's energy and paniced at the bright lights. Random then drove into Kilobyte, sending him flying across the junkyard, calling him a "Coward!"
  • Mark: Kilobyte, Anvil and Dirty Rat had defated Ace and Sparx. Kilobyte anouncing, "I have just brought my greatest quarry to bay!" Mark and Chuck just drove into the Carnival waving Huge flash lights. The bright light sent Kilobyte mad, and he fled back to his Ferris Wheel.
  • E-mail Files: Rick had intercepted messages Mark and Chuck had sent to each other. Some of them unimportant, and some a massive threat to his cause.

Rick had returned to his store and took Mark and Chuck by surprise when he entered the back room. He commented that Mark was excellent at uncovering other peoples secrets. He had come back modify Kilobyte's programming, making him unstopable. He told them his reasons for wanting to rule the world, creating Kilobyte and it was too late to stop him. He inserted a disk containing upgrades for Kilobyte, increasing his power.

Meanwhile, back at the Carnival, Kilobyte had emerged from his Ferris Wheel. Ready to destroy Ace Lightning and the others.

Back at the store, the storm outside caused a power cut. With no power Kilobyte had no master, Kilobyte was free of Rick's Control! Wisely, Mark and Chuck left the shop for home. The power came on next second, and from the Computer screen, Kilobyte anounced, "Too late mortal. You created me, but you can't destroy me your my slave now!"

Back at the Carnival, Kilobyte screamed that he was the master now, and he would command this world on his own! A lot of insane laughter followed this sentence.


  • This episode is the 2nd clip show of the Ace Lightning TV series.
  • Also in this episode the identity of The Master Programmer is revealed as Rick Hummel.