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Lightning Knight
Name Random Virus
Nicknames Random (by Ace), Virus (by the villains), Dumb Lugnuts (by Sparx)
Species Cyborg/Humanoid
Affiliation The Lightning Knights, The Carnival of Doom
Gender Male
Age 35
Abilities Superhuman strength (especially in robotic claw), almost indestructible, limited control over machinery.
Weaknesses Constant struggle between good and evil sides, invulnerability doesn't stop attacks which are volleyed off something.
Voice Actor Cathal J. Dodd

Random Virus is a member of the Lightning Knights. He is a cyborg, easily noticeable by the metal limbs and parts he has replacing most of his body. Random suffers from a severe case of multiple personality disorder, having two distinct personalities that war against eachother for control, one good and one evil.

He is close friends with Ace Lightning and just as close enemies too. Random hides in a junkyard in Conestoga Hills in case his evil side takes control and he does something that he may come to regret for all eternity.


Random is a middle-aged man in the second half of his thirties. He is a tall man, with greying short black hair and has brown eyes. The right eye glows either green or red depending on which personality is in control; in the PC and Playstation 2 games, both of Random's eye turn red when his evil side takes over. Random is slightly taller than Ace. Little remains of his human body, mainly his left arm and upper torso. Random wears a blue long-sleeved jacket of sorts, and a blue jumper underneath. He has spiked, metal shoulderpads on his jacket. He also sports a single wrist cannon.

Being a cyborg, Random has a large amount of mechanical pieces in place of most of his limbs and body. Several metal plates are built onto the right side of his face, and scars are visible too. He has a large metal arm in placement of most of his right arm, two large claws attached to the end which Random uses to grab or throw enemies and for combat. Most of his torso has been replaced with metal and his legs and feet are replaced by large black caterpillar tracks one might see on tanks. This gives Random slow speeds and the inability to jump.


Random's multiple personality complex gives him two distinct personalities, one good and one evil. His good side displays a fear of losing control of his evil side, and causing something which he may regret for the rest of his life. He usually displays a lack of confidence and distrust towards himself and others. Nevertheless, he still trusts Ace as his friend and cares for others. He is a bit nostalgic when it comes to his days as a proper Lightning Knight, which prompts him to step up to fight his enemies, as shown when he joins Ace and Sparx in the final battle of Season 1.

Random's evil side sees himself as a warrior of sorts, wishing to eliminate all weakness from existence, namely all topics related to goodness and virtue. He considers friendship to be for weaklings and despises his good side, refusing to admit that he is a Lightning Knight and good. He is a very aggressive person, often challenging others to prove who is the stronger one of whomever he is fighting. Random's evil side is easily lured over to the Carnival of Doom by Lord Fear and Kilobyte. Despite the evil side's hatred for all things good, he seems to respect people with courage as seen when he refuses to attack Mark Hollander for having courage, despite being afraid.

In the video games, Random's mental problems seem to be driving him to the point of insanity, Random expressing great confusion and pain, unsure which voice in his head to listen to.


Random's abilities make him one of the strongest characters in the show. He has only been defeated by three other characters, namely Ace (with Sparx's help on one occasion), Anvil, and Kilobyte.

Random's main power lies in his superhuman strength. Whether or not he had this ability before he became a cyborg is unknown. His strength seems to be within his clawed arm alone. He uses it to attack and deflect attacks from others, and he can easily pick up Ace with it. He has also been able to pick up the heavyweight Anvil and send him flying through the air. Anvil has shown to be able to pick Random slightly off the ground whilst Kilobyte has been shown to be able to lift him off the ground using two tentacles and then tossing him away. Random does not possess the same stength level as Anvil.

Random has been hinted at to be able to control electricity and machinery. Living in a junkyard makes this easy for Random to use this ability although it has hardly been used. Cars in the junkyard usually surge with electricity when Random appears in episodes, and the only time Random has used this ability was in an attempt to run over Lord Fear and Staff Head with a car.

Random is quite strong when it comes to being attacked, his metal body seemingly protecting him from harm. He can deflect some attacks with his metal parts too. In the video games, he has a forcefield. He lacks the ability to deflect attacks that have already been deflected by him and then fired back at him. This was shown when Ace used the Shield of Justice to deflect a lightning bolt at Random, shortcircuiting him for a brief time.

He has also never been shown powering up like the other Lightning Knights, although he does flicker like them when receiving enough damage (Lightning Knights flicker like bad television signals if they are wounded enough in battle, though given Random's near-indestructibility this is rare). It is possible he uses the electricity from the cars in the junkyard to power up.

Random appears to demonstrate an ability to sense a person's level of fear and judge whether or not they are brave or cowardly. He judges Mark and Ace as courageous people whilst he sees Dirty Rat as a coward.

In the video games, Random can use his wrist cannon, firing what appear to be fireballs from it.


Ace Lightning

Ace is Random's friend as well as his enemy. As a friend, Ace is very supportive of Random, often visiting him to offer help or ask for his. Random often asks Ace to leave him alone for his own safety, and may beg for Ace to help him be rid of his evil side. Random's evil side considers Ace to be his arch enemy of sorts and often criticizes Ace's apparent weak strength and lack of courage, but when Ace suffers from human emotions and displays fear, both of Random's sides are shocked.

Mark Hollander

Mark has a rocky friendship with Random. He often meets Random's evil side whilst visiting the junkyard. Random's evil side often threatens Mark, attempting to exploit Mark's fear and insuts his friendship with Ace as a weakness. However, he does seem to respect Mark's courage. Random's good side displays kindness and respect towards Mark.


Random has a troubled relationship with Sparx. The two often argue, regardless of what side of Random is in control, although Random's evil side is more violent. Sparx refers to Random as a "dumb lugnut".

Lord Fear

Lord Fear often attempts to lure Random into the fold of the Carnival of Doom. Whilst Random's good form refuses to join Lord Fear, his evil side is convinced more easily due to Lord Fear's evil and powerful influence. However, both sides of Random hate Lord Fear and often attempt to destroy him, believing Lord Fear to be weak and a coward.


Prior Season 1

Random was at least a Lightning Knight for six years prior to Season 1, and good friends with Ace too. During an unknown event, Random was severly wounded and damaged in battle that cost him most of his lower body, right arm and part of his face. He was given robotic limbs in place of his lost parts, thus making him a cyborg. However, the damage also scrambled his programming and caused the rift between his good and bad personalities. Despite his evil side's dominant control, Random has been known to be able to carry out his tasks as a Lightning Knight, having mentioned assisting Ace fight Lord Fear in the Sixth Dimension. He was manipulated by Lord Fear to join his side for a time, Ace fighting Random at Climbcrag Castle. After being defeated his good side become dominant just long enough to give Ace the amulet piece he was guarding.

Season 1

Random first appeared in Once Upon A Hero, where Dirty Rat had stolen the Amulet pieces belonging to both Mark and Lord Fear to summon a servant from the game. As Mark's piece summoned good-aligned characters and Fear's evil ones, together they summoned Random who is both at different times. Dirty Rat brought Random to the Thunder Tower where he battled Ace and frightened Mark, before his good side took control and forced himself to leave. Random slept for a while, until Mark confronted him and Dirty Rat to retrieve Chuck's robot, Leviathan XL1. Random went to attack Mark but sensed that he was not afraid of him, so he instead attacked Dirty Rat until he was stopped by Ace. Random decided to live in Conestoga Hills' junkyard to keep others safe.

Lord Fear and Staff Head visited Random in an attempt to sway him over the evil side. When he refused, Lord Fear instead kidnapped Random and hid him in the carnival's Tunnel of Love attraction. Mark discovered Random, but Lord Fear appeared and brainwashed Random into his evil side and to attack Mark. Ace timely arrived and shortcircuited Random with the Shield of Justice, Random's good side retaking control and chasing off Lord Fear, but the villain promised Random that he would be waiting when his evil side returned. Random aided Mark in saving a frozen Ace from the clutches of Lord Fear on one occasion.

In the last episode of Season 1, Random found himself losing power like Ace and Sparx due to Lord Fear having obtained the Amulet of Zoar. His evil side briefly went into denial, refusing to help the other Lightning Knights. However, Ace commented on how Random used to be a great Lightning Knight, prompting Random's good side to take control. Random joined Ace and Sparx at the carnival, commenting on how he wouldn't miss the final battle and jokingly asked why the other two should have all the fun. Random fought Anvil but was clobbered by his rival, until he was captured along with Sparx by Lady Illusion, but he was freed upon Lord Fear's defeat.

Season 2

In Season 2, Random was shown to be losing to his evil side which appeared more often. He was stopped by Ace and Sparx from harming two dogcatchers, but he was actually trying to capture Lady Illusion who was in the guise of a dog (hinting that Random's evil side still performs his duties as a Lightning knight but in a twisted way). Ace and Sparx attempted to take Random back to the Sixth Dimension to keep him safe. Random refused to, and the attempt was hampered by Lady Illusion who bombed Mark's laptop and caused only Ace and Sparx to be sent back; but they both retured shortly after.

Kilobyte convinced Random to join his cause to eliminate the Lightning Knights. Ace and Mark were captured and held prisoner in the junkyard by Random and Anvil. Both of Random's sides were shocked by Ace's fear of Kilobyte but this soon changed when the Lightning Knights fought back against Fred. Random's good side took control and chased the villains out of his junkyard, also exposing Kilobyte's fear to bright lights as well by turning on some car headlights.

Random was captured by the villains in the final episodes and imprisoned in the carnival, along with Sparx and Kat Adams. The three were incapable of doing anything whilst trapped, Random attempting to bash his way out of the forcefield that kept them imprisoned but he knocked himself out instead. He was freed by the defeat of Kilobyte but then witnessed Lady Illusion's death and went to Ace's side to support him in his mourning.


  • Random's voice actor, Cathal J. Dodd, is perhaps best known for voicing the character Wolverine in the original X-Men cartoon. Tamara Bernier, Lady Illusion's voice actor currently voices Mystique in Wolverine and the X-Men.