Ace Lightning Wiki

Name Rick Hummel

The Master Programmer (preferred title),

Rick (by Chuck and Mark),

Programmer (by Kilobyte)

Affiliation Rick's Computer Shack
Gender Male
Age Unknown (possibly early 40's)
Actor Brett Heard




Pre-Season 1

Rick Hummel was part of the game development team that worked on the Ace Lightning video game. While working there Rick created a program that could bring the characters of the Ace Lightning game to life.

Rick was purportedly mocked, ridiculed and eventually fired for inventing the program. In order to exact his revenge on former coworkers, Rick programmed Lord Fear and his gang to "take over the world" in order to prove his intellect, and injected his program into a copy of the Ace Lightning game which came into the possession of Mark Hollander.

The program required large power surge to bring the game characters into into the real world, and a bolt of lightning striking the Hollander house in The Game Begins provides the necessary power.

Season 2

Three months after Fear's defeat, Rick opened a store in Conestoga Hills, named "Rick's Computer Shack", as a guise for moving his mainframe computer. Whilst there Rick created Kilobyte to finish what Lord Fear failed to do; take over the world. Rick also provided upgrades to Kilobyte, to make him into a more formidable foe.

Some time into his new plan, a power cut occurred and severed his computer connection to Kilobyte, and thus severing his power over Kilobyte. Kilobyte turned against Rick as a result, and Rick attempted to permanently delete Kilobyte from the game, with the help of Mark, Chuck Mugel and Jessica Fisgus. Ultimately they failed, and Rick was imprisoned in the Sixth Dimension.