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Name Rotgut
Nicknames Zombie (by the Villians), The Walking Dead
Species Undead Human
Affiliation The Carnival of Doom
Gender Male
Age Unknown, at least 200 years.
Abilities Body possession, immortality.
Weaknesses Utterly useless, easily distracted, limbs fall off.
Voice Actor Robert Tinkler

Rotgut is flattered by Chuck.

Rotgut is a recurring villain introduced in the second season, joining the Carnival of Doom under Lord Fear's command, and later Kilobyte's. He is an undead cowboy, however, he is not a very impressive villain, more concerned with keeping his body from falling apart and spends a lot of his time chasing his limbs around. He is oversensitive and easily reduced to an emotional wreck. He prefers to be the called "The Walking Dead", and immediately objects to being referred to as a zombie. He gains a liking towards Chuck Mugel and attempts to turn him into a zombie too. He morphs into the ninth holf of The Kent Bros. Carnival's wild western-themed golf course. Rotgut's character is almost certainly based on the cowboy zombies from the videogame.


Rotgut is an undead zombie, possessing a blue-grey coloured rotting body. He has a bald head, huge white eyes with black pupils, a chunk missing from his right ear, a broken nose, a double chin and a mouth full of rotting, crooked teeth. Rotgut has many scars carved into his face and arms. He is dressed in traditional cowboy garb, wearing a dark brown, battered stetson hat with a hole in the back, the hedband on his hat has sharp teeth fixed into it. He wears a ragedy, crimson short-sleeved checkered shirt, his left sleeve is ripped and shorer than his right.

Rotgut has a pair of long, rotting arms, with long withered hands, that ocasionly snap off. He wears a muddy cow-skin waistcoat over the shirt, his waistcoat is just as ragedy as his shirt. He wears ripped light grey jeans. Rotgut wears a traditional cowboy belt, with a golden belt buckle, with a bull across it. on his feet he wears light brown cowboy boots with spurs. His limbs can fall off and have minds their own. It is implied that Rotgut gives off a foul stench, likely due to being dead.


Despite being a villain, Rotgut is a relatively friendly and sociable person, greeting those he meets with a friendly gesture and likes to be involved in activities. He acts very much like a stereotypical cowboy, using terms like "Howdy, partners" and "Yee-haw!". He is shown to enjoy singing country songs like "Home On the Range" and "Oh My Darling Clementine", although he sings off key, and likes BBQ ribs. He has little interest in the actions of the other villains, usually due to being too busy chasing around his body parts that endlessly fall off and run around in a rebellious manner, and they seem to have a vendetta against him, his hand attacking him with a water pistol and his foot, in his boot, kicking him in the rear. Rotgut prefers to be called "The Walking Dead" and is easily offended when someone calls him a "Zombie". He is quite sensitive to remarks, and quick to have an emotional outburst. He finds himself quite lonely and at one point, asking a group of humans for a hug, although they all flee away in terror. He usually lets out a zombie groan when annoyed, tired or expressing other strong emotions.


Being a zombie, Rotgut is seemingly immortal, although he can still be harmed by attacks from other characters and is effectively the weakest character from the Sixth Dimension. Aside from his ability to lose his limbs and their sentient life, Rotgut's only useful ability is to possess a person's body, his eyes replacing the person's he controls. There does not appear to be a time limit to how long he can control a person's body, but shows difficulty in moving around, as seen when he possesses Chuck and falls down the stair's in Mark's House. He can leave his victim's body as he pleases, the victim seemingly having memories of the event.


  • Chuck Mugel: Rotgut's friendship with Chuck is a bit one-sided. Rotgut becomes quite attached to Chuck, flattered by Chuck calling him a "dude". However, Chuck is effectively afraid of Rotgut and finds him very disgusting. Oblivious, Rotgut sees him as a friend and is always happy to see him, wishing to make Chuck into "Walking Dead" as well. Over the course of the second season, Rotgut becomes rather demanding towards Chuck, eventually stalking him and somehow tracking him down to Rick's Computer Shack where he possesses Chuck's body for a time.
  • Lord Fear and Staff Head: Lord Fear and Staff Head see Rotgut as useless and a liability to their cause. Lord Fear describes him as "All loose ends and no brain". Lord Fear finds Rotgut disturbing too, despite both of them being undead, exiling Rotgut from the Haunted House when Rotgut's hand falls off, and plays on Lord Fear's pipe organ. Staff Head shares Lord Fear's dislike for him, stating that he sees him as "stupider" than Duff Kent, but seems to find his antics humourous, making a light joke about Rotgut's habit of loosing his limbs.
  • Dirty Rat: Rotgut's relationship with Dirty Rat is as awkward as his relationship's with others. Dirty Rat thinks little of Rotgut, deliberately calling him "Zombie" and caring little for his opinions, but notes how sensitive he is. Rotgut is easily annoyed by Dirty Rat, and wishes he would call him "The Walking Dead", just once.
  • Duff Kent: Rotgut has somewhat of a friendship with Duff, who expresses their similarities, such as being "losers" and being unappreciated. Duff is kind to Rotgut, assisting him in leaving the Haunted House, referring to him as his "little buddy". Rotgut likes Duff and offers to give him a hand in fixing Lord Fear's pipe organ, but his hand falls off, causing Duff to flinch in surprise.


Season 2

Rotgut made his debut at the end of Episode 27, Upgrades, summoned by Lord Fear upon recieving two pieces of the Amulet of Zoar from Lady Illusion. Upon his appearance, Rotgut showed the villains he was rather useless by losing his temper upon being called a zombie, and chasing his hand around the Carnival, when it snapped off and crawled away. Shorlty after his arrival, he and Duff were given a musical performance by Lord Fear, but his organ became out-of-tune. As Duff went to fix it, Rotgut leapt up, offering to help him. However, his hand snapped off again and crawled across the organ's keys. Lord Fear disgustingly banished Rotgut from the Haunted House, Duff assisting him out, as Rotgut kept falling over and walking into a door on the way out. He was awakened by the battle between Ace Lightning, Lord Fear and Anvil and commented that Ace and Chuck were heading for the high school.

He accompanied Lord Fear, Staff Head and Anvil to the school and encountered Chuck, who he was flattered by when the latter called him a "dude". As he approached Chuck, the Dairy Wagon suddenly drove by, smashing into Rotgut and dragging him all the way back to the carnival.

Rotgut reappeared in Episode 29, surprising Chuck when he drove into the carnival by mistake. Chuck closed the van's window on Rotgut's left hand, until his hand snapped off completely, causing Chuck to vomit on the passenger's seat. Rotgut was ecstatic when Chuck later returned after being fooled by Lady Illusion, chasing Chuck into the Haunted House, where Lord Fear was waiting to destroy Chuck. Lord Fear attempted to blast Chuck with Staff Head, but Rotgut got caught in the blast, and was sent back to his grave. Rotgut ended up involved in Kilobyte's hunt for Ace, getting caught on the front of the Dairy Wagon again. Kilobyte, saw use in Rotgut, unlike Lord Fear, and sent him off with Dirty Rat to scare humans away. He succeeded, but got emotional upon overhearing Lester Crocker reading a book about a lonely ghost. Realising he was lonely too, Rotgut moved in asking for a hug. However, all of the humans present including Horace Cheseborough ran away in terror. An upset Rotgut angrily retreated into the Dairy Wagon.

He began stalking Chuck, following him all the way to school, he was blocked outside by Chuck, causing him to find another way in and encountering a singing janitor, prompting Rotgut to burst into song in an off-key tone, the janitor running out in a frenzy. This attracted Mark's attention, confronting Rotgut in Mr. Cheseborough's science lab and blasting him back to the carnival, destroying the lab in the process. Chuck was clearly distraught at Mark, seeing Rotgut as his responsibility.

Rotgut arose again to hunt down Chuck, awakening in the middle of a busy day at the carnival and scaring off customers, Kat Adams recording his cries to find Chuck, takingthe recordings back to Mark, who tried to cover it up. Rotgut located Chuck, and possessed his body, before going to Mark's house and attempting to kill him. He ended up in the company of Bud Ratburn and his wife, eventually leaving Chuck's body at the smell of ribs on a BBQ, but was blasted back to the carnival by Mark.

In the last episode, Rotgut was present with the other villains (minus Lord Fear and Staff Head) in the junkyard, as Kilobyte explained his master plan. Rotgut seemed rather upbeat about the plan, dancing a one-man barn dance, as a victory celebration.

In the final battle, he ended up losing one of his feet as Ace arrived. Rotgut attempted to swipe at Ace using his boot (with the foot inside), Ace commanding him to return to his grave. Calling Rotgut a "walking dead guy", Rotgut misinterpretated this as "Walking Dead" and joyfully leapt around, thanking Ace, only to be blasted back to his grave by Ace.


  • Rotgut is the only CGI character whose past history is not explored.
  • Rotgut is always accompanied by a wild western-themed melody of country music and traditional sound effects heard in a western film.