Lightning Knight
Name Sparx
Nicknames Girly (by Googler)
Species Humanoid
Affiliation The Lightning Knights
Gender Female
Age Unknown (probably early 20's)
Abilities Rides the flying Lightning Flash scooter, can shoot lightning bolts from the Sword of Jacob.
Weaknesses Impulsive and overconfident.
Voice Actor Deborah O'dell

Sparx is one of the Lightning Knights and Ace Lightning's former sidekick. Introduced in the first season, Sparx first appears as an overconfident and impatient fighter but over time becomes more mature and sensible in battle, becoming a good ally to Ace and Mark Hollander.


Sparx fits the fiery redhead personality stereotype with the appearance to match. Her uniform is similar to her peers but decidedly more close-fitting, and the markings are different. She wears a black jacket, a blue stripped shirt underneath and the standard Lightning Knight blue trousers and boots. Both the yellow lightning bolts that lie beneath her shoulder pads, and the dark blue stripe down her leggings are unique to her uniform. The dark jacket (save for different lengths) and the light blue leggings seem to be a common feature though. Her boots are also a little different to Ace's, the decoration is altered and begins higher up - emulating a higher heel.


Sparx is a young adult barely out of her teenage years and shows great energy. She is quite energetic, physically active and exercising most of the time and training for battles against the Carnival of Doom. Sparx greatly enjoys battle and almost lives for it, always eager for a battle regardless of whether or not her allies wish to fight alone or not. However, because of her urge to battle, she has a bit of an ego and at times can come off as overconfident, running headlong into a fight without thinking about her own safety, that of others, and sometimes not even thinking out a battle strategy which can lead her to be being wounded, easily defeated or even captured. She can be arrogant or hotheaded at times, which again can lead her into trouble.

At times she can think little of others and belittles Mark upon first meeting him, leading to Mark quitting being a hero until later when Sparx has to go to him for help against a zombified Ace. Sparx does care for her friends and allies, becoming quite close to Ace, Mark and Chuck Mugel during her time in Conestoga Hills, and she has a similar friendship with Random Virus when his good side is in control. She has a witty sense of humour, and can be manipulative, convincing Dirty Rat to start a rebellion against Lord Fear as a distraction so Ace can free her from a prison she was in at the time.

Saprx becomes involved in an unwanted love triangle between herself, Ace and Lady Illusion who she considers her rival or nemesis, although Saprx displays no romantic feelings for Ace, despite Lady Illusion's beliefs. Sparx becomes particularly aggressive around Lady Illusion and does not really approve of the romantic relationship between Ace and Lady Illusion due to their respective origins as enemies. In her spare time, Sparx often trains to fight the villains through various means - such as shooting plates and a remote-control toy jeep controlled by Ace as target practice, and plays a game of table tennis with him but the game ends abruptly when Lady Illusion disguises an explosive as a ball.


Sparx does not possess any superpowers like Ace or Random, but is a skilled fighter. She is a master of gymnastics and martial arts, having a very flexible body and can perform a number of various moves, and at times seems to be able to defy gravity - during a battle with Lord Fear, Sparx spins up from the ground into the air and seems to float for multiple seconds. She wields the Sword of Jacob, a powerful Lightning Knight weapon which is used for physical combat, but can also fire blasts of electricity. Being unable to fly, Sparx uses the hi-tech Lightning Flash hovercraft to travel, the Lightning Flash capable of being summoned via a whistle and flies at the speed of electricity (although it crashes and explodes in the final episode of the series). Sparx wears wrist cannons but does not appear to use them.

As with Ace, her powers come from a supply of absorbed energy and if she overuses them or takes damage from the villains, Sparx must absorb electricity to recover.


Being Ace's former sidekick, Sparx has a close relationship with him and they often train together in the Thunder Tower. Upon their reunion in Nobody's Hero, Sparx comments how Ace never contacted her and he expresses joy to see her. Working well together, Sparx has a sibling relationship with Ace, looking out for him whilst he does the same for her, although he often has to prevent from running headlong into battle. Ace also sees Sparx as his confidante and often confides in her, telling her his beliefs that Kilobyte is being controlled by someone else.


Season 1

Sparx first appeared at the end of Nobody's Hero, when Mark managed to join a new amulet piece to his own. She immediately brushed him off for being a child with no superpowers, but soon came to regret it when Zip and Snip bit Ace and turned him into a zombie under Lord Fear's control. Unable to stand up to the mind-controlled Ace, Sparx reluctantly turned to Mark for help and when he helped return Ace to normal she was forced to admit he had his uses. She ran afoul of the killer puppets again a few episodes later when Zip and Snip blasted Sparx with her own sword, doing enough damage to send her back to the game. Ace managed to summon Sparx to the real world again in The Not So Great Outdoors with another amulet piece. Sparx continued to help Ace fight the evils until their final battle in Game Over, where she was defeated and placed in a bubble by Lady Illusion, but freed when Mark broke the Amulet of Zoar.

Season 2

Sparx remained in the real world during the time between the first and second seasons, but in the first episode she and Ace were returned to the game by accident. While Ace was returned shortly thereafter, Mark and Chuck spent several episodes trying to bring Sparx back as well. They were successful after Chuck helped her gain enough power to overcome Giant George Wayne.

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