Staff Head

Staff Head.JPG
Name Staff Head
Nicknames Totem of Terror (by Lord Fear), Stick (by Dirty Rat), Nasty Little Bat (by Duff Kent) Broomstick (by Ace Lightning)
Species Mutated Bat-winged Frog
Affiliation The Carnival of Doom
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Abilities Can fire green energy blasts from the orb on his head, and on one occasion a firey orange death ray.
Weaknesses Limited movement.
Voice Actor Michael Lamport

Staff Head is a villain in the series, and a member of the Carnival of Doom. A winged frog perched on the end of a staff, Staff Head is Lord Fear's servant, weapon, walking stick and best friend all in one.

He is particularly loyal to Lord Fear and is hardly ever separate from him. He morphs into a skull-headed staff.


Staff Head takes the appearance of a green-skinned frog creature, with two purple bat wings, and red eyes. He sits on top of Lord Fear's staff, which is brown, the bottom resembling a large lower leg bone. Staff Head carries a glass orb in his hands which can fire energy blasts. Staff Head's design has changed between the two seasons.

In the first season and videos games, Staff Head had a more basic design with the appearance of a gargoyle. His body is almost immobile, and he is fused to the staff, and cannot walk so Staff Head springs about or slithers to move. He has a particularly small body, and has clawed hands and feet.

Staff Head 2.JPG
Staff Head in his second season design.

In the second season, Staff Head becomes more frog-like in appearance and much more mobile. He appears as a large, fat, frog with red eyes with black slitts for pupils and a mouth of shinny white teeth. He has skinny arms and legs, his bat wings are now maroon in colour and are larger than before and can retract and expand. However, due to now having a more mobile body, Staff Head is no longer fused to the staff and has difficulty moving around. He is forced to jump in the air and hoist the staff with him in the process. He has nearly fallen off the staff on several occasions. The orb he carries now is full of black clouds and it rotates in his hands.


Staff Head is very loyal to Lord Fear, referring to his as "milord" or "your lordship", and speaks with a British accent, likely because the video game he originates from came with Mark from the UK. He often compliments Lord Fear, and claims to be Lord Fear's only friend. He often exclaims surprise with "Crikey" or "Blimey". He is unafraid to speak his mind, sometimes getting into trouble with Lord Fear. He may threaten or attack those who insult Lord Fear or doubt his decisions. Staff Head looks down on most of the other characters, most particularly Dirty Rat, Rotgut, and Duff Kent, referring to the latter two as "the stupid leading the stupider". He is quite cruel and sadistic, blackmailing Lady Illusion into helping Lord Fear when he discovers her romance with Ace, and then later goads Lord Fear into unleashing his vengeance upon her in the second season. Staff Head claims to have a cousin named Benny, comparing him to a tree branch, hinting that Staff Head's species are designed to sit atop of staffs or other weapons.


Despite possessing wings, particularly large ones, Staff Head is unable to or at least does not wish to fly. The orb on his head can fire out green-coloured energy blasts, which can heavily wound a Lightning Knight and can blast villains back into their sleeping locations in one shot. In the last episode, Staff Head fires out an orange-coloured energy blast, mortally wounding Lady Illusion. It is unknown whether or not Staff Head and Lord Fear learned the attack then and there, or whether or not they had kept it a secret for a time. In his first design, Staff Head could turn his wooden staff body into a slithering snake-like body, making it easier for him to move around. He could wrap himself around enemies as a restraint, or trip them over.


Staff Head is very loyal to Lord Fear, often praising his plans and talents, and agrees with him relentlessly. At times he can make snide remarks that will receive him a scolding by Lord Fear. He refers to Lord Fear as his "lordship" or "mi'lord". Staff Head was generally the fuel for Lord Fear's vengeance against Lady Illusion in the second season, often reminding him how she turned traitor and goaded him on to kill her.
Right off the bat, Staff Head expresses his distrust for Lady Illusion when she runs on her own. His suspicions of Lady Illusion's infatuation with Ace appear when she "misses" Ace during a fight in the carnival. When he discovers her treachery, Staff Head blackmails Lady Illusion into assisting Lord Fear in destroying the Lightning Knights. Despite his sadistic attitude towards her, he still refers to her as his "lady".
Staff Head and Dirty Rat appear to be rivals, competing for Lord Fear's praise. When Dirty Rat gives Lord Fear a piece of the Amulet he discovers, he taunts Staff Head by pulling a raspberry at him, much to Staff Head's anger. Dirty Rat seems to be fear Staff Head's weapon, but does not fear its user. When Dirty Rat returns in the second season, Staff Head protests and attempts to attack him, but Lord Fear comments that even the rat had a role to play in Ace's death.
Aside from Lady Illusion, Dirty Rat and Rotgut, Staff Head has a dislike for Duff, often insulting and criticizing Duff. During their first meeting, Staff Head silenced Duff's questions and terrified him with empty words to relinquish his control over the carnival to Lord Fear. Duff can easily counter Staff Head's comments, referring to him as a "nasty little bat".


Pre-Season One

Staff Head's origins are unknown and it also unknown when he came into Lord Fear's service, and whether not it was before or after Ace crippled Lord Fear. Staff Head assisted Lord Fear in stealing the Amulet and then fled back to the Carnival of Doom with his master. Staff Head aided Lord Fear in fighting Ace, but they lost the fight and were imprisoned in the Sixth Dimension. He later escaped, repeated the theft of the Amulet and then fled to Conestoga Hills with Lord Fear and his minions, Ace in pursuit.

Season One

Staff Head arrives in Mark Hollander's backyard with Lord Fear, Lady Illusion, Anvil, Pigface and Dirty Rat. Ace Lightning arrived and after a brief battle, Staff Head slithered behind Ace and tripped him over before blasting him with an energy attack. After Dirty Rat finds The Kent Bros. Carnival, Staff Head comments on how it will greatly serve as the perfect place for the final battle against Ace, which Lord Fear agrees with. Upon meeting Duff Kent, Staff Head attempts to order him around until Lord Fear silences him to negotiate a more intelligent manner. Staff Head later ponders what should be done with Mark, the villains assuming he is Ace's sidekick.

Staff Head often appears in the series alongside Lord Fear, occasionally speaking but often appearing in an inanimate state and when he does awaken he usually banters with Lord Fear or insults other characters. In Not Alone At Home, the villains invade Mark's house various ways. Lord Fear tries to enter down the chimney, but Staff Head complains about being sideways so Lord Fear advises him to find his own way in and drops him off the roof. Staff Head later appears out of the toilet, surprising Ashley Hollander and Chuck Mugel. When the villains retreat, Staff Head is left behind and has to hop after the Dairy Wagon. During Unidentified Flying Superhero, when Conestoga Hills is in an alien frenzy, Staff Head, Lord Fear, Dirty Rat and Duff encounter citizen Gus, who later speaks with Connie Woodward, noting his British accent.

Staff Head witnesses Lady Illusion kissing a paralzyed Ace in Download Disaster and blackmails her into helping Lord Fear or he will expose her affair, forcing her to steal the Lightning Knights' pieces of the Amulet and deliver them to Lord Fear. In Game Over, Staff Head talks to Lady Illusion, taunting her until she angrily suffocates him but he is freed unknowingly by Lord Fear who goes off to fight Ace. When Mark shatters the Amulet, Staff Head is the first villain to be defeated, morphing into a skull-headed staff.

Season Two

Three months after the end of the first season, Lord Fear and Staff Head miraculously return to the Kent Brothers Carnival, courtesy of Rick Hummel. Staff Head now has a new body and flexes his new long and posable legs in joy, however he still maintains his pompous attitude. When Lady Illusion appears at the carnival, Lord Fear now aware of her treachery, Staff Head angrily shouts at Lord Fear to kill her but the latter decides that his former mistress can be forgiven within time. When Rotgut is summoned, Staff Head is confused by the zombie's status as being evil and is shown to be quite disturbed but amused by Rotgut's mishaps.

Staff Head continues to goad Lord Fear into harming Lady Illusion, and takes great pleasure in seeing her suffer. Lord Fear takes up the hobby of playing miniature golf but Staff Head is used as a gold club, much to his irritation, but Lord Fear gets a hole in one on his first try playing the game. When Kilobyte arrives and takes command of the carnival, Staff Head immediately sides with Lord Fear, the two plotting to destroy him in time. In the last episode, Lord Fear ultimately decides to ally himself with the Lightning Knights to defeat Kilobyte. After Kilobyte's defeat, Lord Fear and Staff Head attack Ace and wound him, but it is revealed that they instead wounded Lady Illusion who disguised herself as Ace to protect him. Staff Head is shocked by this revelation and suggests they make a run for it after wounding Lady Illusion and are chased off by Ace and Mark, fleeing the carnival with Dirty Rat in tow.

In the cancelled third season, Staff Head would have gone into hiding with Lord, Dirty Rat and Horace Cheseborough who is on the run from the law after being declared a madman.


  • Lord Fear and Staff Head's concept art are seen in The Substitute in Mark's game rulebook, Staff Head looking much smaller than he appears in the series.
  • Despite being a frog with bat wings, he's often mistook for a bat instead of an amphibian.

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