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This article focuses on the group of villains and the Sixth Dimension's incarnation of the carnival. For information on the Earth-based location of the same name, visit The Kent Bros. Carnival article for more details.

The Carnival of Doom, also known as the Evil Gang, are a group of villains that make up the antagonists of the franchise and enemies to the Lightning Knights. Their goal is to effectively conquer the world and the universe using the Amulet of Zoar's powers. Lord Fear wishes to accomplish this by conquering one dimension at a time. The second leader, Kilobyte, originally intended to destroy Ace Lightning alone but he later decided to conquer the world, by trapping mankind in the Sixth Dimension and having the creatures of the Sixth Dimension rule the Earth. The villains all have a circus, carnival or freakshow-related element to them.

Most members are shown to have a fixture around the carnival that is their "home" which they morph out of from time to time. If destroyed by attacks from the Lightning Knights, they will eventually regenerate from that item.


  • Note: This section only covers the characters seen in the television series.
Name First Appearance Morphing Item Status
Lord Fear Episode 1 Fake Skeleton Missing In Action
Staff Head Episode 1 Fake Skeleton Staff Missing In Action
Lady Illusion Episode 1 Unknown Possibly Deceased
Anvil Episode 1 Test-Your-Strength Machine Defeated by Lord Fear; Possibly Deceased
Pigface Episode 1 Trashcan Defeated by Mark Hollander; Possibly Deceased
Dirty Rat Episode 1 Gargoyle in front of the Haunted House Missing In Action
Googler Episode 7 Puppet Show Theatre Booth Defeated by Lord Fear; Possibly Deceased
Zip And Snip Episode 7 Puppet Show Theatre Booth Defeated by Lord Fear; Possibly Deceased
Rotgut Episode 27 Ninth Hole on the Carnival's Golf Course Defeated by Ace Lightning; Possibly Deceased
Kilobyte Episode 29 Ferris Wheel Trapped in the Sixth Dimension
Fred Episode 31 N/A Unknown
Duff Kent Episode 1 N/A Alive
Random Virus (Occasionally) Episode 9 N/A Alive

The Carnival Itself

The Carnival of Doom

The Sixth Dimension's carnival is the original hideout for the villains, created by Lord Fear. It is said to have been created from Lord Fear's twisted imagination, explaining its rather dark and nightmarish appearance. The carnival is made out of large red and white striped booths and other buildings that make up the attractions. The main path through the carnival is through the dark midway which is lined with various booths containing games including several shooting galleries.

At the end of the midway is the carnival's signature attraction, the Haunted House, or the House of Horrors. Lord Fear dwells here. The different game versions display different attractions of the carnival.

The Gameboy Advance version has a ghost train, a tunnel of love, a fortune teller's tent, a western-themed adventure alley, a puppet theatre, a waxworks museum/factory, a carousel, a circus, a hall of mirrors, a log flume ride, a fun house and the house of horrors.

The Playstation 2 and PC versions have five distinct areas that somewhat connect to the carnival, but appear to be separate locations in the Sixth Dimension, excluding the Haunted House. These areas are:


While the Carnival of Doom was technically created and founded by Rick Hummel when he designed the Sixth Dimension, Lord Fear founded the group at some point prior to the events of the series. It was likely after Ace Lightning wounded him that he formed the group and fought against the Lightning Knights. It is known that Lady Illusion, Staff Head, Anvil, Pigface and Dirty Rat were all members of the group around the time Lord Fear tried to steal the Amulet for the first time. The theft failed with the villains retreating to the actual Carnival of Doom. Ace fought his way through the carnival, eventually defeating Lord Fear and sending him and his gang to prison.

Lady Illusion broke out of prison, freeing Lord Fear and the others in the process. They stole the Amulet and retreated to the carnival once again, Ace is pursuit. Lord Fear used the Amulet to open a portal, arriving in Conestoga Hills, the Amulet shattering and the pieces scattered. Ace soon followed, and enlisted Mark Hollander as his sidekick. Lord Fear and Dirty Rat located the Kent Bros. Carnival and moved in, Lord Fear quickly taking over and making the rundown funfair as the new Carnival of Doom. Over time, the pieces of the Amulet were gathered and Googler joined the group. Random Virus repeatedly joined and left the group, but ultimately stayed as a Lightning Knight. When the Amulet was fully fixed by Lord Fear, the final battle occured between the carnival and the Lightning Knights, the latter winning when Mark located and broke the Amulet. As a result, Lord Fear and all other members of the carnival were sent back to the Sixth Dimension. However, due to her betrayal, Lady Illusion survived.

In the second season, Lord Fear returned to the Kent Bros. Carnival to reform the group, starting with Lady Illusion, whom was shanghaied into service by Lord Fear to pay off for her betrayal. Dirty Rat, Anvil and Rotgut joined via summonings from the Sixth Dimension. Rick sent in Kilobyte, the Cyber Stalker, to take over the carnival as leader. Pigface and Googler later rejoined, as well as Kilobyte's pet wasp Fred. Kilobyte attempted to lure Random back to the side of evil but failed when Random vowed to follow the Lightning Knights' code. Kilobyte was released from Rick's control and vowed to conquer the world by imprisoning mankind in the Sixth Dimension. Lord Fear formed an alliance with Ace to defeat Kilobyte. During the final battle, Anvil, Pigface, Googler and Rotgut were all defeated, and Kilobyte soon afterwards, blasting him back to the Sixth Dimension. Lord Fear then attacked Ace, later revealed to be Lady Illusion in disguise. Lord Fear retreated with Staff Head and Dirty Rat in tow, whilst Lady Illusion seemingly died in Ace's arms.

The third season was cancelled, but it was confirmed that all members of the group were alive by Rick Siggelkow, executive producer of the series. Candy Floss was to have joined the carnival.