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The Doom Wagon is owned by Lord Fear.


The Doom Wagon appears as a demonic motorcycle-like vehicle. It has the properties of a motorcycle, including the steering, rocket boosters, and front and back wheels. It has a huge, open coffin built into it, acting as the seat of the craft. Two skeleton models are built onto the front of the wagon, acting as figureheads, they are armed with a massive red chainsaw. A pair of huge rocket boosters are built into the back of the Doom Wagon. The boosters have a red and orange flame pattern painted across them. Lord Fear uses it as transport, in replacement of the Dairy Wagon.


The Doom Wagon can move at great speeds on the road, and also has flight capabilities, acting as a rival and threat to Sparx's Lightning Flash vehicle.


Impressed with his trickery, Kilobyte creats Lord Fear his own mode of transport - The Doom Wagon. Kilobyte made The Doom Wagon using a cart from one of the Carnival of Doom's Roller Coasters. Lord Fear first uses it to chase Mark Hollander during his first Driver's Ed test, attempting to saw the car in half. He was stopped by Ace, who had enough strength to halt the Doom Wagon.