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The Game's On
Series 02, Episode 02
Air Date Apr 08, 2005 on BBC
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The Game's On is the 2nd episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Apr 08, 2005 on BBC.


Mark gets a strange message off his computer and tries to have Chuck help him decode it.

At the carnival, Lord Fear complains that his organ is out of tune. Rotgut and Duff try to fix it, but Rotgut's hand falls off and Lord Fear yells at them to leave. The two commiserate at having Fear for a boss. Staffhead bemoans the miserable state of their gang. Lady Illusion finds another piece of the amulet in a can of spring snakes and returns it to the carnival.

While the kids are dissecting worms in science class, Mr. Cheseborough takes Chuck's headphones and recognizes the message as morse code, which reads "HELP ACE OPEN THE AMULET." To distract Mr. Cheseborough, Chuck plays "open the amulet" as being teen-speak for "relax."

Inside the game Ace and Sparx find themselves in side Googler's circus and are surrounded by the deranged clown and a group of other circus baddies.

Lady Illusion gives the amulet piece she's recovered to Lord Fear, who blasts her to remind her her betrayal still isn't forgiven. He joins it to his other piece and Anvil returns from the game, to Lord Fear's delight. Anvil brags about being even stronger than he was before.

At lunch Chuck tells Mark about the amulet, but realizes something more is going on and wants Mark to let him in on it. Mark doesn't tell him the whole story, but does hand over his piece of the amulet after extracting a promise from Chuck to call him if there's any trouble at all. Chuck opens the amulet piece and finds a microchip inside. He plugs it into his computer and sees the events of the first season played in fast forward, then Ace is transported from the game into his room. Ace asks Chuck's name, and thinks it's "Chuckdude" after he replies "Chuck, dude."

On Ace's request, Chuck tries to call Mark, who doesn't hear his phone ringing over the noise of being at the girls' basketball game. When he hears Mark is Ace's sidekick, but Mark isn't available, he fantasizes about being Ace's sidekick himself. They go the carnival but are overwhelmed by Lord Fear and Anvil's attacks. They decide to go to the school to get Mark, which Rotgut hears and relays to Lord Fear.

They get Mark and have a battle in the parking lot, which ends when Mark eradicates Anvil with his blaster, prompting the outnumbered Lord Fear to flee. When a panicked Chuck calls Rotgut "dude," which makes Rotgut think Chuck considers him a friend. Fortunately Rotgut's hit by the ice cream van and carried away.