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The Game Begins
Series 01, Episode 01
Game Begins.jpg
Air Date Sep 02, 2002
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The Game Begins is the first episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Sep 02, 2002.


Thirteen-year-old Mark Hollander has just arrived in America from England. That night while he is playing a game, Mark discovers a new level that should not be there, level seven, during a storm lightning strikes his home and power surges into his computer -- bringing the characters to life.


Teenager, Mark Hollander in playing his favourite video game Ace Lightning when he discovers a mysterious "Level Seven" that is not supposed to exist. Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes the satellite dish on Mark's house and the electricity goes out. Mark then looks on in horror as his game joystick sparks with electricity and rattles about on its own accord.

Up on the roof, a portal open through the satellite and the villain from the video game file through it, led by Lord Fear, a villainour but crippled skeleton. Lady Illusion, Dirty Rat, Anvil and Pigface appear afterwards. Lord Fear spies Mark in his bedroom and they scare each other in shock, Lord Fear falling down the side of the house.

Once all the villains are on the ground, Lord Fear explains to a dim-witted Pigface that they are in a new dimension and must find new headquarters. The Rat spies something and the Amulet of Zoar floats out of the satellite and shatters, the fragments magically flying away. Ace Lightning flies down and battles Lord Fear and his minions. Lord Fear's faithful staff, Staff Head trips Ace up and Lord Fear blasts the superhero down. Mark appears to aid Ace and the villains retreat. Mark's parents arrive home and Mark hides Ace behind the shed.

The villains come across what appears to be an abandoned theme park, called the Kent Bros. Carnival and after Lord Fear decides it will the new Carnival of Doom, Anvil smashes the gates open, which awakens the carnival's owner, Duff Kent. Duff is frightened by the villainsa and nervously welcomes them to stay in the carnival, pleasing Lord Fear. The next morning, Mark is awoken by Ace (who smashes his way through the bedroom window). Mark leaves for school and meets his neighbour Samantha Thompson along the way. Catching the school bus, he meets Chuck Mugel and bully Wayne Fisgus. Mark has a rough time at school, and is scolded by his science teacher, Mr. Chesebrough when he spies Ace awaiting him outside the school. Ace gives Mark his piece of the Amulet and flies off to find Lord Fear.

He locates Lord Fear at the carnival, but falls into a trap set up by his enemies.


  • This is the very first episode of Ace Lightning, most of the Main characters are introduced in this epsiode. ( Mark Hollender, Lord Fear and Staff Head, Lady Illusion, Anvil, Pigface, Dirty Rat, Ace Lightning and Chuck Mugel. In that order)
  • This episode was the only episode to receive an official comic adaptation, also entitled The Game Begins.