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The Haunted House is the centrepiece of the Carnival of Doom in the Sixth Dimension, owned by Lord Fear.

The Haunted House as it appears in the Sixth Dimension


The Haunted House is a grand large-scale building. The outside is a purple and black coloured exterior for a ghost train, with moving animatronic statues of Lord Fear and Staff Head on either side of it. It has a huge hall where the final battle between Ace Lightning and Lord Fear takes place in. Portraits of the prominent members of the Carnival line the walls, with portraits of Lady Illusion and Lord Fear taking pride of place above the balcony. The way to it through the flights of stairs on either side is barred by portcullis'.

Hauntedhouse pigface.jpg
A major villain in the Carnival. He runs around at high speeds. He can reduce Ace's power by ramming him in the chest.
Hauntedhouse anvil.jpg
A major villain in the Carnival. He is a slow mover, but the iron anvil in the place of his right hand is a powerful weapon that can drain Ace of his energy.
Lady Illusion
Hauntedhouse illusion2.jpg
Lady Illusion does not join the battle until halfway through, forever surrounded by a red bubble forcefield and firing explosive crystal orbs at Ace. She can teleport around the room as well.
Lord Fear
Hauntedhouse fear2.jpg
Leader of the Carnival of Doom, and Ace Lightning's arch enemy. Every time Anvil and Pigface are defeated, Lord Fear leaps down from a high balcony and revives his minions. The energy Lord Fear uses to revive his minions can also wound Ace, if he gets to close to Fear.