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The House of Illusion is an area of the Sixth Dimension, appearing mainly in the video games. The area takes on the form of an estate, apparently owned by Lady Illusion, or possibly Lord Fear. The House of Illusion acts as one of the "worlds" in the PC and Playstation 2 video games.

An overview of the House of Illusion.


The House of Illusion appears as a stately estate or home, under a featureless blue sky. A water fountain is located in the middle of the estate's foyer, and the only section that doesn't pose a threat to visitors. The grounds lead to the actual House of Illusion which is built on a hill overlooking the estate, highlighted with a pair of giant flowers floating in midair. The entrances to the Horror Hedge Maze and the Drop Down Well are also located in the grounds, as well as a red and white striped tent leading to the Carnival of Doom.

The Horror Hedge Maze

The Horror Hedge Maze

A green-hedge maze built onto the House of Illusion's grounds, appearing as a large, dark and confusing maze, and is home to living garden gnomes, fly-spitting flytrap plants, and sickle and lawnmower-wielding zombies. There are several statues of Lady Illusion decorating the maze, one stone, another silver and another brone and possiblya gold statue.


Living Garden Gnomes
Gardenofillusion gnome.jpg
Living bearded garden gnomes who dwell in the hedge maze, wielding rakes and haddocks. Ace Lightning has displayed a strong dislike of them and destroys gnomes in the garden of Mark Hollander's home.
Mushroom-riding Gnome
Gardenofillusion gnome2.jpg
Gnomes stationed as guards to important gates in the maze. They will pelt fish at anybody who comes near.
Gardener Zombie
Gardenofillusion gardener.jpg
A zombified gardener dressed like a cowboy, half of his body is covered in flesh, the other side all of his bones are visible. He attacks by slashing his enemies with sickles.
Mower Gardener
Gardenofillusion gardenerlawnmower.jpg
Zombie armed with a skeletal mowing machine, that can send an opponent shooting backwards.
Punk Venus Fly Trap
Gardenofillusion carnivorousplant.jpg
A large green carnivorous plant with spiky reddish brown foliage capable of projecting live insects at it's victim.

Drop Down Well

Appears only within the Playstation 2 version of the video game. An old water well in a corner of the grounds, and can be accessed by the moving of a large rock. At the bottom of the well is an underground cavern filled with lava, and home to several magma-based golems.


Lava Monsters
Magma-based golems who live in the cavern at the bottom of Drop Down Well.

The House of Illusion

Exterior of the House of Illusion

Also called the Freaky Funhouse, itself appears as a seemingly small house with pink and purpled striped walls and a purple roof. The gates to the house are made out of giant candy canes, which lower when a visitor is allowed entry. Inside, the house is very nightmarish and dangerous. Floors are filled with green acid, there are trampolines made out of large spider webs which also hang around the walls and ceilings. Lady Illusion's chamber is located up several floors in the roof, appearing as a white chamber with a large crystal ball in the centre of the room. The house is filled with large candy canes and sweets, and red and white platforms are used to get around.


Living Wardrobe
Living wardrobes with fanged mouths hidden within their doors.
Mad Maid
Large maids who have been bitten by the spiders and have grown spider legs out of their backs. They attack with a dust pan and brush.
Spider Butler
Greyhaired butlers in suits that have traits of the spiders, their arms turned into spider legs with two more growing out of their backs.
Fat Chef
Fat man dressed in a chef's outfit. Thet attack by chasing after their enemies brandishing a whisk.
Black spiders who wear cowboy hats. They swarm around the house and appear to have infected the staff of the house.
Living Fridge
Living fridges that fire ice cubes from their "mouths".
Living Oven
Living ovens that launch fireballs from their "mouths" .
Fat Spider Chef
Similar to the Fat Chef, only they have spider legs growing out of their backs. They attack with flaming frying pans.
Giant Spider
Fully grown large spiders residing within Lady Illusion's chamber


Lady Illusion
Lord Fear's partner in love and crime. Lady Illusion is the mistress of The House of Illusion. Her aim is to destroy Ace Lightning with the staff of the house, and eventually finish him herself.


Little is known about the House of Illusion, but Lady Illusion appears to live there, and Lord Fear also has this location as part of the Carnival of Doom.

Ace Lightning visits the House of Illusion to obtain Lady Illusion's pieces of the Amulet. He encounters Lady Illusion in the Horror Hedge Maze when she disguises herself as a garden gnome, but he recognises her and she retreats. After gaining the Amulet pieces from the maze and the Drop Down Well, Ace explores the House of Illusion until he enters Lady Illusion's room and fights her and giant spiders for her piece of the Amulet. He ultimately wins and departs, warning Lady Illusion to leave Lord Fear's side, whilst she screams for him to take her with him, but he ignores her.