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The Lightning Knights are the main protagonists of the franchises, an organization of heroes and authorical figures that protect the Sixth Dimension and other dimensions from evil. Their other main goal is to guard the Amulet of Zoar.

Lightning Knights Random Virus, Ace Lightning and Sparx as they appear in the video games/the Sixth Dimension.


The Lightning Knights are a group of superheroes who guard the Sixth Dimension and other dimensions from evil. Very protective and courageous, the Lightning Knights strive to protect the weak and battle evil and those who threaten life in the omniverse. The Lightning Knights follow the Code of the Lightning Knight: "Do right and fear not". The group operate from the Thunder Tower, their headquarters which has incarnations in the Sixth Dimension and in Conestoga Hills. The Lightning Knights appear to have the technology to move in-between dimensions although it is equally possible they use the Amulet's power to accomplish this. The Lightning Knights have their name due to mostly using electrical weapons in battle. In Conestoga Hills, they need to heal themselves with controlled electricity (e.g. via a transformer) otherwise they will fade out of existence. It is believed that the Lightning Knights were formed by Zoar, the enigmatic creator of the Amulet.


The Lightning Knights' exact size is unknown but it is hinted that it is relatively large. Most Lightning Knights are humans, with the exception of some who are partially human (Random Virus), and other species (Lady Illusion). Known members are:

  • Ace Lightning - Foremost of the Lightning Knights and apparent leader.
  • Mark Hollander - Ace's sidekick.
  • Chuck Mugel - Computer specialist. For a time he was known as "Thunderfoot".
  • Sparx - Ace's former sidekick.
  • Random Virus - A cyborg who suffers from multiple personality disorder.

Lady Illusion, Kat Adams and occasionally Duff Kent are allies to the Lightning Knights. It is hinted that Lord Fear was once an ally to them. Executive producer of the show, Rick Siggelkow, has revealed that there are other Lightning Knights, stronger than Ace and Random.

Weapons and Gadgets

The Lightning Knights are technologically superior to humans on Earth, having the ability to travel inbetween different dimensions, and use the Amulet's power. They have a number of weapons, with a medieval gimmick to them to match their title.

Mark uses the Lightning Lance.

  • Lightning Lance - A hi-tech lance weapon, coloured white with a blue blade. The Lightning Lance is a primary weapon used by Ace, capable of firing off electrical blasts. It plays a prominent role in the video games, Ace using it as a weapon. The lance first appears in Episode 6 - Opposite Attraction when Lady Illusion summons it when connecting her piece of the Amulet with Mark's. Ace then uses it repeatedly throughout the series.
  • Shield of Justice - A large medieval shield, coloured white and red with a yellow lightning bolt shape on the front. The user can use the shield to absorb projectile attacks and fire them back at an opponent. Ace utilises the shield to knock out Random when he attacks Mark. In the video games, the shield takes the form of a temporary forcefield that keeps the user safe for a short time.
  • Sword of Jacob - A double-edged sword used by Sparx in battle. It can fire out purple or pink-coloured lightning bolts.
  • Wrist Cannons - The primary weapon choice of the Lightning Knights, the cannons can fire controlled electrical blasts in several forms. Mark's wrist cannon covers his hand and lower arm, and comes with a target marker. Random's single wrist cannon can project fireballs. Sparx has wrist cannons but does not use them.
  • The Lightning Flash - Sparx uses this aircraft to travel, since she is unable to fly like Ace can. The Lightning Flash is a jet-powered silver aircraft resembling a cross between a jetski and a shark. It flies at the speed of electricity.
  • Radio Communication Device - Ace uses a radio device to communicate with his allies. He can also use it to call it phone numbers, calling the number at Mark's House several times.

The Lightning Knights have some knowledge of cybernetics, as seen with Random's physical appearance. They also have a drink called Lightning Juice which can heal a Lightning Knight's power, served in a blue bottle marked with a lightning bolt.


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