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The Master Plan
Series 02, Episode 13
Air Date May 18, 2005 on BBC
Previous Kilobyte Bites Back
Next You're at the last episode

The Master Plan is the thirteenth and last episode of the second series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on May 18, 2005 on BBC.


Kilobyte is ready to unleash his master plan which is to trap everyone in the game world and the world's only hope for survival is for Lord Fear and Ace Lightning to combine their forces and attack Kilobyte head on. But Lord Fear has a hidden agenda which will spell tragedy for everyone, none more so than Ace Lightning.


  • Among the things Mark and Chuck find on the computer appears to be a program to create a giant wasp, implying that Rick had planned for Fred's creation rather than this being something Kilobyte can do to any creature.