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The Not So Great Outdoors
Series 01, Episode 22
Air Date Mar 16, 2003 on BBC
Previous The Unlikely Hero
Next The Biggest Fan

The Not So Great Outdoors is the 22nd episode of the first series of Ace Lightning, which was first broadcast on Mar 16, 2003 on BBC.


Ace finds another piece of the Amulet of Zoar, which will allow him to summon Sparx back from the game when joined with Mark's piece. Unfortunately for him, Mr. Hollander has taken Mark, Chuck and Brett camping, forcing Ace to fly far out of town to meet up. Lord Fear also learns of the camping trip and sends Dirty Rat, Pig Face and Staff Head to steal Mark's amulet piece while Ace isn't around to protect him. They pile into the ice cream van for a road trip.

At the camp-out they run into Wayne and his father, who demeans Mr. Hollander and brags about all the ferocious wild animals he's hunted. When the evils invade the campsite, however, Wayne's father panics and Mr. Hollander takes charge by grouping the boys together and fends off Dirty Rat with a pan.

The evils manage to catch Mark, but he shows off his own resourcefulness by turning on Chuck's portable Ace Lightning game. When the evils hear Ace's voice coming from it they think he's really there and run away. Ace does indeed arrive a short time later and brings Sparx back. The ice cream van runs out of gas and the evils have to push it all the way back to the carnival.